Issue 115


By Janet Parker

SYDNEY — In a world where only 1% of property is owned by women, there are very few places for women which are safe and accessible. For lesbians, the situation is even more bleak. But a group of Sydney women are about to change

Secondary students strike

By Elle Morrell

MELBOURNE — Students from Epping Secondary organised a strike on September 7 against cuts to education. Amidst a sea of anti-Kennett and "No cuts to schools" placards, three-quarters of the school

John Fahey's softly, softly budget

By Reihana Mohideen

SYDNEY — The NSW Liberal government's September 7 budget seems less harsh than the recent budget of the Goss Labor government in Queensland. The cutbacks to the public sector proposed

By Julie Brown

PERTH— Greens (WA) Senators Dee Margetts and Christabel Chamarette declared on September 10 that, "As it stands, the federal budget is not one which anyone with a concern for social justice could support, and the government's

By Ray Fulcher

MELBOURNE — The Victorian Trades Hall Council has called for a "week of action" against the Kennett government's attacks on workers and public services.

Beginning October 3 and culminating in a city rally on October 6 as

Kennett to axe 18,000 more jobs

By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — Victoria's official unemployment rate hit a post-1930s high of 13% in August, yet in its September 7 budget the Kennett government announced plans to get rid of another 18,000

Greenpeace criticises EPA

By Marina Carman

SYDNEY — Weeks after a 10-tonne crude oil spill from a Shell terminal into Gore Cove in Sydney Harbour, the area is still polluted and there is no sign of prosecution by the Environment

Stop press
"We have become a right-wing, conservative party." — Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser on the Liberal Party.

Falling out
"I don't see much joy in sitting down there seeing someone who I have lost a lot of respect for." —

'Legislative racism' condemned

By Laura Bahnisch

LAUNCESTON — At a forum entitled "Australia — A Racist Culture", held at the University of Tasmania, Michael Mansell described the proposed Mabo legislation as "legislative racism".

By Mark Lockett and Alana Kerr

PERTH — Not to be out-done by Jeff Kennett, the Court Liberal government has stepped up its anti-union campaign by targeting student guilds. The Acts Amendment (Student Guilds and Associations) Bill, better known

By Di Quin

MELBOURNE — Just under one year after the Coalition came into government in Victoria, the state remains in severe economic crisis, and a new austerity budget last week hit Victorians still reeling from the attacks brought in by

By Rodney Cheuk

PERTH — Part 2 of the McCarrey Report, outlining the Court Liberal government's agenda of privatisation and corporatisation, was released on August 30.

Written by former under-treasurer Les McCarrey, it proposes a major

Teacher unions call off industrial action

By Norrian Rundle

MELBOURNE — Despite a Saulwick Age poll showing 57% support for teacher strikes against further cuts to education, the two Victorian teacher unions called off their proposed

Boycott Mitsubishi campaign

By Paul Woods

BRISBANE — The Boycott Mitsubishi Campaign to save the world's rainforests from destruction continued here on September 10 with banner drops at three consecutive overpasses of Brisbane's major


Protesters against the Temer government's extreme austerity plans in Rio on October 17

Riot police cracked down and fired tear gas on thousands of protesters in central Rio de Janeiro on October 17 as marches flooded the streets to reject unelected President Michel Temer’s proposed 20-year freeze on public spending, which critics say will spell disaster in the cash-strapped country.

By Roberto Jorquera

September 11 marks the 20th anniversary of the overthrow of Socialist president Salvador Allende by the Chilean military. The bloody military coup which brought Augusto Pinochet to power ended with the assassination of

On October 5, 1968, a peaceful civil rights demonstration, declared illegal by the authorities, was brutally attacked by the Royal Ulster Constabulary and its 2000 participants clubbed down on the streets of the nationalist city of Derry, in the

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — On the night of August 25, unknown assailants fired more than 100 bullets into the country house of Yuri Gekht, a business leader and head of the Industrial Union faction of the Russian parliament. Gekht, who has

Since August 28, Indonesia's media have been preoccupied about a speech by Vice-President Try Sutrisno in which he talked about "internal elements who are prepared to become traitors to their people and nation".

Although ex-general Try did not

FSLN to hold extraordinary congress

By Stephen Marks

MANAGUA — The Sandinista Assembly, the
highest decision-making body of the FSLN, has called
an extraordinary congress in May 1994 to chart out new
strategies for struggle and

Green Left Weekly's MIRIAM TRAMER spoke to journalist and political commentator AMOS WOLLIN in Tel Aviv about the agreement between the Israeli government and the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

What are the responses of Israelis and

Returned from a visit to Guatemala, ERIC EARLEY reports on the situation of that country's indigenous people.

The indigenous people of Guatemala and the Aborigines of Australia have many things in common. The colonial legacy in both countries is

By Sean Flood

(This is the abridged text of a speech made in Sydney on August 25 at the launch of the second edition of the author's book Mabo: A Symbol of Sharing. Sean Flood is the NSW public defender.)

Mabo ditched terra nullius, the

Arrests in East Timor

Amnesty International has announced its
concern for the safety of 53 students, and possibly
many others, who were arrested by Indonesian security
forces in East Timor in advance of a visit to the
territory by

By Pip Hinman

SYDNEY — Activists from the Bougainville Freedom Movement picketed the regional headquarters of the Australian Defence Force on September 9. They demanded an end to Australia's involvement in Papua New Guinea's attempts to quash

Comment by Ruth Birgin

Why, in the present Australian federal and state governments, is there not one vocal politician with enough backbone to tackle the "drug problem", not as a legal, but as a socio-medical issue?

The overwhelming

By Pip Hinman

"Bill Clinton's 'successful' operation in Mogadishu has led to an unknown number of civilian deaths, has undermined the entire relief effort, and alienated the majority of ordinary Somalis from the very people they had hoped had

By Anthony Brown

In the federal House of Representatives on September 17, 1970, a young Labor MP, Paul Keating, described transnational mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc's (RTZ) financial control of Australia's natural resources as

By Stephen Marks

MANAGUA — Nicaraguan President Violeta Chamorro used her Armed Forces Day address on September 3 to announce that the head of the Sandinista Popular Army, General Humberto Ortega, will be sacked early next year, plunging the


Nile dictates to Fahey

Until the last week, the lesbian and gay communities themselves have been divided about the anti-vilification legislation, but the unprincipled actions taken by Fred Nile, who forced the government to modify

US blockade of Cuba opposed

PANAMA CITY — Cuba has taken its case against the
United States' 30-year blockade to the Group of 77,
made up of developing countries.

The head of Cuba's delegation, Angel Gomez Trueba,
attending a

Gyorgy Scrinis continues a debate

In his response to my article on "Industrial Cuisine", Dave Riley's dismissal of my critique of supermarket culture and the modern diet, and his attack on food cooperatives, show how out of touch he is with some


The Greens and the budget

Just before Prime Minister Paul Keating flew off to Washington, he dismissed the attacks on his budget in the Senate as "sport" preventing him from governing in the national interest. But the Green and Democrat


Red Belly Blues

Red Belly Blues
By Red Belly Blues
Reviewed by John Tognolini

Red Belly Blues is a duo composed of Chris O'Connor on acoustic 12-string guitar and vocals and Damian Cohen on harmonica and vocals. Their music is addictive

By Zanny Begg

SYDNEY — The National Maritime Museum has gathered together a collection of artworks produced by Sydney wharfies in a fascinating exhibition, "On the Waterfront: wharfies, artists and actors". The exhibition brings to life the

By Karen Fredericks

"We don't want to encourage pale imitations of the ABC or commercial radio broadcasters. We want to preserve the spirit of community radio ... the unfiltered voices of real people telling their own stories."


Something to shake the establishment

The Custodians
By Eric Earley
Directed by Carol Woodrow
With Gary Cooper, Lillian Crombie, Christopher Baz, Ron Hill, Boris Kelly, Melissa King, Dennis Mckay
To September 18 at the Canberra Theatre

Judy Horacek is a cartoonist well known for her work dealing with feminism, the environment, social justice, peace and unrequited love. An exhibition of her past and recent productions will be held from September 16 to 29 as part of Melbourne's

The following interview with NESTOR LARA, of Radio Farabundo Marti, was conducted in San Salvador by MATTHEW ABUD.

Could you tell us how Radio Farabundo Marti grew up during the years of war: what were some of the major problems that you faced?

Between Light and Dark
By Penelope Swales
Launch: Friday September 17, 8:30 p.m. The Old Troubadour Upstairs, 388 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Reviewed by Lachlan Anderson

The long-awaited follow-up to Penelope Swales' album Songs from the

By Ignatius Kim

While media freedom and objectivity have for long been an ideological cornerstone of liberal democracy, their actual practice is rare and often a focus of political tension.

This will be one of the issues tackled in an SBS