Issue 100


By Martin O'Byrne MELBOURNE — A legal firm here is planning to take action against the state Ministry of Housing over the death of a public tenant from an asbestos-related disease. Last September 10, Doreen Porter died from mesothelioma
Rape Crisis Centre to close By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Workers at the Rape Crisis Centre learned of its end in a blunt fax from the minister for family and community services, Martin Evans, on May 12. The centre will be amalgamated
Joh jury inquiry focuses on investigator By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The spotlight in the ongoing Criminal Justice Commission inquiry into the selection of the jury in the 1991 Joh Bjelke-Petersen corruption trial has now turned to legal
Nurses impose bans By Di Quin MELBOURNE — Nurses at Western General have imposed bans on elective admissions and internal transfer of patients due to an increasing strain on midwifery staffing levels. The closure of the midwifery
The North East Forest Alliance is calling for a full investigation into the operations of the NSW north coast woodchipping company, Sawmillers Exports Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Boral Timbers P/L, following the revelation that the company has
Free speech campaign widens By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — The campaign for free speech in the Queen Street Mall is gaining support against Lord Mayor Jim Soorley's attempt to further restrict the right of peaceful assembly. Support
Risks People with asbestos material in their housing are at risk of contracting an asbestos-related disease. These diseases include: Asbestosis. Fibres lodge in the lungs, causing a scar which continues to grow even though there may be no
Logging destroys rare possum habitat By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Conservationists have expressed outrage over the destruction of a prime habitat of one of Victoria's rarest mammals, the Leadbeater's possum. Two weeks ago,
Sacrifice While the ACTU is determined to sacrifice wages for the sake of "the economy", some of the highest salary earners in the country don't have the same approach to their incomes. Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett (on $131,771 a year, plus
Port Macquarie hospital dispute in court By Anne Casey The Port Macquarie Hospital Action Group was caught off guard on May 6 when bulldozers and other heavy machinery began clearing the site of the controversial new private hospital for
Rolling stoppages to protest Kennett cuts By Di Quin MELBOURNE — State public sector unions will begin an industrial action campaign throughout Victoria from May 17 in response to the Kennett government's vicious funding cuts,
By Peter Boyle On May 13 the ACTU executive rejected a call by several unions covering low-paid workers for a national wage claim of $8 per week for workers who had not managed to strike enterprise bargains with their employers. ACTU
Gay man murdered in Adelaide By Alison Dellit ADELAIDE — A homosexual man was murdered here last week, exactly 21 years after the infamous drowning of Dr George Duncan. Duncan, a gay professor at Adelaide University, was bashed and


By Helen Jarvis With barely a week left before the Cambodian elections (scheduled for May 23 to 27), the Khmer Rouge are escalating their acts of terror in an attempt to disrupt the polls — if possible to have them cancelled or at least to
Language dispute in Xanana trial By Jana D.K. Jakarta — Proceedings in the trial of Fretilin leader Xanana Gusmao resumed May 12 after a week's delay while the Dili court attempted to resolve the question of Xanana's defence
By Norm Dixon A firm date for South Africa's first non-racial general election is to be set by June 3. After a week of discussions beginning on April 30, representatives of South Africa's key 26 political organisations agreed that a
Tongan democrats seek support Leading Tongan democracy activist Akilisi Pohiva has indicated that the pro-democracy movement is changing its strategy. Pohiva said on April 28 that, instead of pushing for more democracy solely from within
President's hand in his own assassination By S. Piyasena Sri Lanka, where violence has become the rule rather than the exception, has created another record by assassinating the president and his principal rival within just eight days.
By Max Lane The recent struggle in Jakarta over vice-presidential, cabinet and military positions has provided a chance for liberal reformist critics of the regime also to obtain media coverage for their criticisms of authoritarianism and
Anti-union laws retained Fiji's finance minister, Paul Manueli, says the country's controversial labour reforms will not be revoked. The laws, introduced by the previous interim government in 1991, severely curtail trade union rights.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Police on May 9 were unable to stop more than 50,000 opposition demonstrators from marching through the centre of the Russian capital and onto symbolically important Red Square. Built around the anniversary of
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — To the puzzlement of many observers, Russian President Boris Yeltsin during the first weeks after his April 25 referendum held off introducing the "tough measures" through which he had promised to "neutralise" the
On February 26, 1991 more than 700 gold mine workers at Vatoukoula, Fiji, downed tools and threatened never to return to work unless the Australian and New Zealand mine management recognised their union and negotiated on their claims. Twenty-seven


Power to the people By Michael Tardif "Power to the people!", fists raised, sounded a crowd of 10,000 as Arrested Development led the chant which opened their second Sydney concert. Let it rain, take my pain, I'm glad to meet you
Different traditions, and why don't we know anything? Asia Music Various Celestial Harmonies through Larrikin Records Available on CD Reviewed by Mina O'Shea After passing through the hands of many people who felt they couldn't
By Karen Fredericks The 40th Sydney film festival was launched by George Miller on May 4. In his speech, Miller credited the festival with providing the vital inspiration for himself and the whole "first wave" of Australian film makers.
Change for Sixpence Where Sixpence Lives By Norma Kitson London: Chatto and Windus. 1986. 350 pp. Reviewed by Connie Frazer Not a new book, but one you can't put down. The intriguing title caught my eye as I entered the Adelaide
Groove to a new style Earth and Sun and Moon Midnight Oil Reviewed by Paul Boundy The latest studio release from Australia's most public political band lacks the aggressive punch between the eyes the Oils are well known for. What
Federal Parliament Theatre review by Max Lane Readers may or may not be aware that the seat of government and assembly of representatives of the people — i.e. the new parliament — was sworn in and began sitting last month. "Sitting" —
Someone's going to get hurt ... Dead Lines Written by Kate Gillick Directed by Robin Laurie Performed by Stephen Burton, David Joseph, Lisa Small and Phil Sumner Musicians: Shirley Billing, Rachel Cogan and Irine Vela At the
The Best of Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens Dolphin through BMG Rhythm of Healing West Nkosi Earthworks/Virgin through Larrikin Records Favourites Ladysmith Black Mambazo Dolphin through BMG Reviewed by Norm Dixon
Through Aboriginal Eyes By Anne Pattel-Grey Geneva: WCC Publications, 1991. 159 pp. Reviewed by Annolise Truman This book, which details Aboriginal experience, much of it traumatic and death-dealing, not only presents historical and
Passion Fish Written and directed by John Sayles Starring Mary McDonnell and Alfre Woodard Reviewed by Lee Wallace The critics' pull quotes used to promote Passion Fish, the new film from the New York-based independent writer/director
Edge of insanity A festival of seriously psycho late shows Kino, Melbourne till July 11 Previewed by Mario Giorgetti Had a rotten day? Mad as hell in a heatwave? Don't throw a fit. This series, which includes some of the great "crazies"
Apartheid Two part special on SBS Television screening Sunday, May 23, and May 30, 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. Adelaide) Previewed by Norm Dixon This French-produced two-hour documentary starkly recounts the evolution of one of this century's most


An invitation Nearly two years ago, on the occasion of Green Left's 20th issue, we commented: "When the idea for this newspaper was first floated more than a year ago, no-one could be sure whether it was a goer or a pipedream. Would it