Come again, please Celebration of Irish Music State Theatre, Sydney Reviewed By Bernie Brian The man behind many of the recent tours of Irish musicians, Jon Nichols, indicated that this celebration may become an annual event. If the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW, March 25 — On the fifth day after Russian President Boris Yeltsin decreed "special rule" throughout the country, the local administrations in Russia's provinces and republics were splitting into supporters of the
Nuclear reactor not necessary By James Clark SYDNEY — Greenpeace held a public meeting dockside of theRainbow Warrior on March 24 to raise the profile of opposition to another nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights in Sydney. Speaking
Report confirms warming Alarming new evidence that the world is warming came from the Netherlands on March 19. According to a report in the main Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, the Royal Dutch Meteorological Service announced at a press
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Among television journalists in particular, the practice is quite the norm. You fly in; you get the story; you fly out again. You talk to the people who count, get their statements, frame the interviews with a few
Business plans 'free market' high schools By Sean Malloy The Business Council of Australia (BCA) and the National Industry Education Forum (NIEF), of which the BCA is a founding member, are proposing to extend economic "rationalism" into
By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — To the strains of the "Internationale", hundreds of friends and comrades gathered on March 26 to farewell and celebrate the life of Stan Woodbury, who had died peacefully at Port Kembla Hospital two days earlier
Catholics and Sex Four-part documentary on SBS Television Sundays at 7.30 p.m. (7 in Adelaide) beginning March 28 Previewed by Anne Casey Jesus Christ had very little to say on the question of sex, yet it occupies number one position on
Panama's Censorship Board gave in to international pressure from human rights and media groups, journalists and other prominent individuals on March 18 by lifting its ban on the film The Panama Deception. The retreat came only hours before the
Scent of a Woman I want to raise some alternative views to those expressed in Gabrielle Carey's review of Scent of a Woman (GLW #94). Is it fair to say, as does Carey, that the movie is about "pure and unadulterated objectification of


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