By Norm Dixon

In a significant vote that has gone largely unreported by the Australian media, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights meeting in Geneva has called on the Papua New Guinea government to end the economic blockade of

Broad Casting
Saffire — The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records through Festival
Available on cassette and CD
Reviewed by Norm Dixon

With the Uppity Blues Women's third album, Broadcasting, they again strike a blow against male

South African solidarity with Cuba

By Norm Dixon

It is time for the liberation movements in South Africa to repay the debt they owe to Cuba by organising solidarity with that island. This is the message of the solidarity group, Friends of

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — For people who follow events in Latin America as well as Russia, there was something strangely familiar about President Yeltsin's March 20 declaration of "special powers".

Last April a nearly identical formula

NEFA calls on West to resign

SYDNEY — The North East Forest Alliance has call for the resignation of Garry West, state minister for Conservation and Land Management, in the light of two recent government reports seriously criticising the

By Frank Noakes

FRANKFURT — Anna Seifert, a Green member of the Frankfurt city parliament, talked to Green Left Weekly about the local elections in the state of Hesse on March 7. Smaller parties of the left and right achieved swings,

ADELAIDE — The country town of Whyalla will be hit by a stoppage of 1800 workers from the BHP plant as they go out on March 29 in support of a national campaign opposing changes to the performance pay scheme. The combined unions claim seeks two

The war against Bosnian women

The appalling news carried by the contingents of Bosnian women to International Women's Day rallies in Melbourne and Adelaide this year was probably the first many Australian women's movement activists had heard

A modest success

By Kamala Emanuel

NEWCASTLE — The Modest Day Out was a success here on Sunday, March 14.

Sydney has the Big Day Out. Last year, Newcastle bands fed up with this city's lack of initiative organised their own three-

Church leader on human rights in Cuba

HAVANA — Reverend Eunice Santana, president of the 400-million-member World Council of Churches, says the United States is pointing an unfair finger at Cuba when it comes to human rights.

She said:


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