The small African nation of Eritrea had the United Nations Security Council impose sanctions against it in December 2009 for allegedly funding and arming the al-Shabaab islamic militia group in neighbouring Somalia.
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Just in case anybody thought the episode involving mild criticism from Labor parliamentary leaders over Israeli involvement in forging Australian passports was going to lead to a change in Australia's craven support for Israeli apartheid, foreign minister Stephen Smith has put the record straight.
MELBOURNE — A group of West Papuans has been gathering outside the Indonesian consulate every couple of months to draw attention to the fact that the Indonesian state is jailing political prisoners in West Papua, as more and more young people join protests for a free West Papua. Some of the West Papuans who protested on March 26 are ex-political prisoners.
On March 20, 10,000 people converged at the White House — the largest anti-war demonstration since the announcement of the escalation of the Afghanistan war.
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In Copenhagen, Sydney-based climate justice advocate Natasha Verco and US activist Noah Weiss faces charges under Denmark’s “terrorism” laws. Verco faces up to 12-and-a-half year jail for her role in organising protests against the United Nations Copenhagen climate summit in December.

The Danish government is Australian activist Natasha Verco and US citizen Noah Weiss, who are standing trial and facing a potential 12-and-a-half-year jail sentence for organising a protest during the December United Nations climate summit. This follows a global trend.
Campaigners against the Barnett state government's proposed “stop and search” laws have welcomed the three month delay before the laws go to parliament. A parliamentary committee that was due to have made recommendations on March 25 has announced that its report won’t be released until June.
About 200,000 immigrants and supporters marched on March 21 in Washington to protest against the inaction of President Barack Obama and Congress on legislation that could legalise more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.
Israel's state terrorists The recent revelations that Israeli state terrorists used four forged Australian passports to assassinate a Palestinian official in Dubai, and that Mossad has regularly faked Australian passports for criminal purposes,
A few months before the March 20 state election, the South Australian Labor Party was riding high in the opinion polls and the Liberal opposition was in disarray. But by election day, the result was too close to call. It wasn’t until four days after the election that Premier Mike Rann could claim a narrow victory for Labor.