On March 20, 10,000 people converged at the White House — the largest anti-war demonstration since the announcement of the escalation of the Afghanistan war.
What would be the cost of eradicating poverty in this country? What would be the cost of solving homelessness or unemployment? Could Australia afford to provide universal, free healthcare and education? Is there enough material wealth here to move to a safe, low-carbon economy?
San Patricio
By The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder
CD, Fantasy/Concord
About 200,000 immigrants and supporters marched on March 21 in Washington to protest against the inaction of President Barack Obama and Congress on legislation that could legalise more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.
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Doosra: The life and times of an Indian student in Australia
By Roanna Gonsalves
ABC Radio National 360 documentaries
On March 23, Ewan Saunders was preselected as Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of Brisbane in the upcoming federal election. Saunders is Queensland co-convenor of SA and is studying occupational therapy at the University of Queensland.
On March 20, 120 protesters gathered at Foreshore Park in Newcastle to protest against the proposed Tillegra dam. The protest was the culmination of the week-long “Walk for the Williams”, which started at Brownmore, passing the site of the proposed dam near Dungog before proceeding along the Williams River to Newcastle Harbour.
Israel's state terrorists The recent revelations that Israeli state terrorists used four forged Australian passports to assassinate a Palestinian official in Dubai, and that Mossad has regularly faked Australian passports for criminal purposes,
The 2010 Global Atheist Convention was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over March 12-14. Organised by the Atheist Foundation of Australia and Atheist Alliance International, tickets were sold out months before the conference.


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