Environment minister Peter Garrett announced on August 10 that $9 million will be spent on rescuing 100 Aboriginal languages. However, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre condemned the plan as “cynical and false”.
CANBERRA— “ALBA (the Bolivarian Alliance for Latin America) is the most rapidly growing regional development in the world today”, Dr Tim Anderson, senior lecturer in political economy at the University of Sydney, told a forum at the Australian National University on August 12.
South American presidents have expressed deep concerns over a United States plan to increase its military presence in Colombia. They voiced their fears at a Union of South American Nations (Unasur) summit in Quito, Ecuador on August 10.
MELBOURNE— Forty people attended a meeting organised by the Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) on August 12 to discuss Indigenous deaths in custody. In particular, the meeting discussed the case of Aboriginal elder Mr Ward, who died of heat stress in the back of a prisoner transport vehicle in Western Australia.

Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union national secretary Dave Noonan said that if building worker and CFMEU member Ark Tribe is jailed for defying the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) there would be industrial action until he was released.

These things I see, each day, as I wander round this great, gaunt city. I. Mornings I hear her. and the wail of those hungry tired children, shadows beyond the frost cracked windows of her battered Toyota. When its rusted rear door
US imperialism is “already preparing the [military] attack”, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned, speaking to industrial workers in the region of Guayana on August 8.
SYDNEY— NSW Premier Nathan Rees and Transport Minister David Campbell had to flee an angry group of rail unionists at a scheduled press conference at Central Station on August 6.

A high number of homeless youth in Australia are lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual or intersex (LGBTI).

The National Front against the Coup D’etat in Honduras (FNRG) accused the United States on August 3 of engaging in two-faced politics to allow the leadership of the June 28 military coup that overthrew President Manuel Zelaya to gain time and strengthen their position.
August 12 was an international day of solidarity with sacked workers at the Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight, Britain. Vestas is determined to close the plant, despite high profits.

Graham Brown, a retired coalminer from the Hunter Valley in NSW, kicked off a national speaking tour by telling a University of Sydney forum on August 12 that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has “no clue whatsoever” about green jobs.