The new song “Stand Tall” has become the official anthem of the Ark’s Tribe campaign. The song will be played loudly at the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on August 11 when Tribe’s court case resumes.
We face a climate crisis and something needs to change. The world’s resources are finite, as is the amount of destruction humans can do to this planet if we are to survive. As such, there is a debate in the environment movement about whether or not curbing population is an essential part of the solution.
On the verge of another racist push? Suddenly, the Rudd government has discovered the need to pump up the "terrorist threat". First, the Attorney-General discovered the so-called "anti-terrorist laws" were not strong enough. Now, the biggest
A rash of workplace occupations is spreading across the globe as workers defy the brutal consequences of the recession.
Two young Australian Tamils will walk 300 km from Sydney to Canberra to build awareness of the plight of 300,000 Tamil civilians forcibly held in military controlled internment camps in Sri Lanka.
The article below is based on a statement by Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) general-secretary S. Arutchelvan on August 1, on the mass protests that day against the repressive Internal Security Act. The ISA allows security forces to detain people and hold them without trial.
Seven of the lowest-lying pacific nations have called for global emissions cuts of 45% by 2020 to save their homelands from rising sea levels caused by global warming.
The frustration of rank-and-file building workers who marched to the ALP national conference on July 31 was obvious. They demanded Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Labor government honour its promise to abolish the Howard government-created Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).
The Ecological Revolution: Making Peace with the PlanetBy John Bellamy FosterMonthly Review Press, 2009328 pages, $37.95
Vestas workers ended their 18-day occupation of Britain's only wind turbine factory on August 6.
One hundred Tamil and non-Tamil women attended the inaugural Women for Justiceevent at Balmain Town Hall on July 30. The meeting aimed to create awareness about, and campaign to stop, sexual abuse and human rights violations to which Tamil women have been subjected to for the past 60 years.
In the state that claims to have the greenest energy on the Australian mainland, South Australia’s climate camp will confront two of the country’s dirtiest power stations. The Northern and Playford B plants, fuelled by cheap but low-grade brown coal, are just outside Port Augusta, a four-hour drive north of Adelaide.