On July 1, 60 people attended an emergency rally againt the coup in Honduras in the Latin American Plaza in Sydney. The emotionally charged rally was called at short notice by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (AVSN) and the Latin American Forum to condemn the undemocratic coup carried out by a small group of military officers, members of the oligarchy and their political agents in Honduras.
Green Left, an eco-socialist current within the Green Party of England and Wales, held its annual general meeting on June 20 in London. It discussed the work of the network over the past year in struggles against war, racism and environmental decay and in winning support for eco-socialism as a solution to the economic and climate crises.
The far-right French National Front (FN) won 39% of votes in the first round of the Henin Beaumont by-election in Northern France on June 28. The by-election, in the Nord Pas-de-Calais department, was called after the incumbent Socialist Party (PS) mayor was charged with corruption.
The NSW Supreme court of appeal ruled on July 1 that a planned expansion of the Lake Cowal gold mine in the central-west of NSW cannot go ahead for up to three months.
The news of a military coup in Honduras reached most Resistance activists as on the morning of June 29. There was much sadness, anger and frustration but also determination not to allow yet another coup to happen against a democratically elected leader in the Americas.
Within minutes of the first reports, it was clear the world was going mad.
Los dioses rotosDirected and written by Ernesto DaranasWith Silvia Aguila, Carlos Ever Fonseca, Ania Bu, Hector Noas and Yoel InfantaSydney Latin Film Festival, July 24-26, Tom Mann Theatre, Surry HillsVisit www.sydneylatinofilmfestival.org/cms
This year is the seventh year Melbourne’s Community Radio 3CR will broadcast its Beyond the Bars program.
Over July 1 and 2, defence industry and government representatives met in Adelaide for the annual Defence Industry Exhibition (DIE).
“Business is back on Wall Street”, the July 2 Wall Street Journal said. The WSJ said “lofty pay packets may be set for a come back as well”.
June 30 was declared “National Sovereignty Day” by the Iraqi government to celebrate the withdrawal of US occupying troops from Iraqi urban areas into military bases.
The three crises facing capitalism — jobs, the environment and war— were the subject of Victoria's Socialist Alliance conference on June 27.