MELBOURNE — Community radio station 3CR has released its fundraising Seeds of Dissent 2009 calendar. The theme for the 2009 calendar is “political poster art”.
“Socialism 2008 — Malaysia”, a conference hosted by the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) in Kajang, Selangor, over November 7-9, brought together more than 500 activists from around Malaysia, as well as from Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia, Britain, Sweden and Taiwan.
NEWCASTLE — On November 9, 40 people attended the launch of My Story by Mamdouh Habib and co-author Julia Collingwood.
The article below is an October 27 statement by the Partido ng Manggagawa (Labor Party Philippines). It has been reprinted from the socialist e-journal, Links.
SYDNEY — Workers at Kmart’s Huntingwood distribution centre in Sydney’s west were locked out by the company for two days from November 10. The workers — members of the National Union of Workers (NUW) — had just completed a four-day strike in pursuit of a new enterprise bargain.
What makes the current situation in Venezuelan an era of social revolution is not the fiery rhetoric of its leaders, particularly of its central leader, President Hugo Chavez.
BRISBANE — More than 30 people attended a November 8 Green Left Weekly screening of The Power of Community — How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, at Sandgate Community Centre.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has warned that the right-wing opposition in his country is planning destabilisation actions during the November 23 elections for state governors and mayors, according to the November 12 Ultimas Noticias.
MELBOURNE — The ALP have done a preference deal with the “joke” candidate for the Maribyrnong council elections. Former mayor and ALP incumbent Michael Clarke has preferenced Garth Bray, an independent.
On November 15, thousands of people took to the streets across Australia to demand that governments take much more urgent and serious action to stop the global warming that is threatening life on Earth.


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