Honour BoundWritten and directed by Nigel Jamieson in consultation with Terry HicksChoreography by Garry StewartThe Playhouse, Sydney Opera House until September 3Melbourne Malthouse Theatre, CUB Malthouse, Southbank, September 15 until October 1
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas Since Hugo Chavez took office as Venezuela's president in February 1999, the oil-rich South American country has been threatened by right-wing paramilitary forces from neighbouring Colombia. "What we call the
An August 8 Casablanca protest against Israel's war against Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories drew thousands, according to the Morocco Times. The Times reported: "Hailing the resistance of Hizbollah, the demonstrators called for peace
Alex Miller On August 4 at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Tommy Sheridan, Scottish Socialist Party MSP and former national convener of the party, won a defamation case he had brought against the right-wing tabloid newspaper the News of the
Peter Boyle With columnists for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian attacking Green Left Weekly in the same week, we must be doing something right. On August 8, Gerard Henderson, SMH columnist and executive director of the Sydney Institute
Marcus Greville & Graham Williams, Melbourne Striking workers at the Amcor Flexibles plant in the northern suburb of Preston were given a big morale boost when workers at 13 other Amcor workplaces around the country took solidarity action during the
On August 4 residents of the West Bank town of Bil'lin were joined by Israelis and members of the International Solidarity Movement to mourn the deaths of more than 1000 people killed in Gaza and Lebanon by the Israeli military. Protesters marched to
Sue Bolton July 5 is now a significant day in the history of Australia's labour movement. It was the day on which 107 Western Australian construction workers began being served with writs for taking strike action in February on the Leighton
BY ROSEMARY EVANS Wait for me mummy, wait for me!All is so dark, I can hardly see.Where are you taking us, mother, mother?Why are you carrying my little brother?Why are we running in the dark and cold?Mummy, give me your hand to hold.Why are we
t'feh...alaykoumraw responses from Arab artistsMori Gallery, Sydney6 September — 4 October 2006 An urgent call-out to Arab artists for raw new works for a quick response exhibition to Israel's invasion of Lebanon and incursion into Gaza.
Some 2000 workers at the world's largest copper mine — Escondida, majority-owned by Australian mining giant BHP Billiton — have been on strike since August 7 to demand a 13% pay rise. BHP Billiton, despite increased profits from high copper
Simon Cooper& Ruth Riordan, Istanbul In a modest flat in the Istanbul suburb of Sisli, a lawyer named Behic Asci has not eaten for over 120 days. His ongoing hunger strike — or "death fast" — is an act of defiance against unjust laws, a stand of
Jess Moore The National Union of Students has abandoned the campaign against "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) and yet, in the context of a weakened student movement and current attacks on higher education, students need strong unions now more than
Nick Fredman On August 8, Gerard Henderson, weekly columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, attacked Green Left Weekly (as he does regularly) and others for promoting the recent Hiroshima Day rallies' opposition to Israel's war on Lebanon, and the
Doug Lorimer During the night of August 7, an Israeli warplane fired a missile into an apartment block on Haijaj Street, in the densely populated southern Beirut suburb of Shiyyah. "We thought it was safe here as there are no Hezbollah people or
David Suzuki: an autobiographyBy David SuzukiAllen & Unwin, 2006416 pages, $29.95 (pb) REVIEW BY FRANCIE CAMPBELL A candid self-portrayal of this leading environmentalist. He begins by revisiting his childhood, revealing the racism and


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