Liam Mac Uaid Respect's performance in England's May 4 local government elections has been impressive. These were the first elections of this type the organisation has contested on such a scale. Sixteen candidates were elected as councillors. In
Eva Cheng A secret March gathering in Beijing of high profile pro-capitalist economists, legal experts and government advisers — most of whom are members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) — have alarmed China's waning pro-socialist forces.
SYDNEY — On May 23, David Burgess and Will Saunders gave $10,000 to Dr Salam Ismael from Doctors for Iraq. Burgess and Saunders were jailed for nine months in 2004 for painting "NO WAR" in giant letters on the Sydney Opera House two days before the
Pip Hinman, Melbourne Cindy Sheehan, a softly spoken and courageous US anti-war activist, took Australia by storm on a whirlwind tour of Australia last week. "It's so urgent that we get off our butts and try to stop this bullshit war for profit in
Emma Clancy The June 1 student strike against the federal government's anti-union "Work Choices" legislation has struck a real chord around the country, with students responding enthusiastically to the call to strike and organising for the action
Stuart Munckton Scrapping unfair dismissal laws Workers employed by businesses with less than 100 employees are no longer covered by unfair dismissal laws, which prevent a boss from sacking you without a good reason and provide you with the
Stuart Munckton BBC News reported on May 15 that the US government was placing a sanction on the sale of arms to Venezuela. The US State Department justified the ban by claiming that Venezuela is failing to assist counter-terrorism efforts, and has
Marcin Jaskulski, Sydney A decade ago you could venture into a bank, passbook in hand, and withdraw money knowing that you alone would be reducing the balance of your account. Now the bank reduces your account balance with its array of fees. In
Ian Jamieson Following the death of miner Larry Knight and the rescue of two trapped miners 14 days after the April 25 rock fall at the Beaconsfield goldmine in northern Tasmania, on May 22 the state government established a special inquiry to
Maria Julua Mayoral, Pedro de la Hoz & Jose de la Osa, Havana Cuban President Fidel Castro has challenged US President George Bush, the CIA, the 33 US intelligence agencies, the thousands of banks in the world and the "servants" of Forbes magazine
On May 23, Australian Prime Minister John Howard made a speech to Ireland's Dail (parliament). Almost a quarter of the 166-member chamber failed to show for the occasion, many in protest at Howard's support for the war on Iraq. One of those absent
Doug Lorimer On May 21, newly elected Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare accused Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer of bullying tactics over the future of the Australian-dominated Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon
Tony Iltis, Melbourne One hundred and twenty people rallied in the Footscray Mall around the slogans "Stand up for multicultural communities!" and "Howard's racism will not divide us: say no to attacks on Muslims!". The May 20 rally, organised by
BY DOMENICA SETTLE Community radio station 3CR is celebrating 30 years of bringing diverse voices to the streets of Melbourne. From May 29 to June 11, 3CR's 450 volunteers will be calling on the community to donate to the station's 13th birthday
Max Lane On May 24, East Timorese President Xanana Gusmao, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri and the speaker of East Timor's parliament Lu'olo sent a letter to the governments of Australia, Portugal, Malaysia and New Zealand as well as to the United
Rail system After the recent track work in Sydney on May 13 and 14. I feel we should debate out the proposed three weeks' straight of track work, that was cancelled, which would have resulted in Blue Mountains trains terminating at Penrith and an


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