Jobless groups plan national link By Ian Jamieson ROSEBERY, Tas — Unemployed groups took some steps towards national liaison in a teleconference on July 31. The link, involving groups from South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and
By Peter Boyle The attempt of the embattled Victorian Labor government to scare voters with accounts of the consequences of the New Zealand economic experiment has raised a dispute: How bad (or good?) are conditions in New Zealand really?
Ortega: Cuba remains an example By Denise van Wissen MANAGUA — A day of festivities to celebrate Nicaraguan Solidarity with Cuba was held here on July 26, the 39th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks. Activities included
By Ian Jamieson BURNIE — Paper giant APPM has announced plans to cut 400 jobs at its Burnie and Wesley Vale mills. The company is also pressing for big changes in hours and conditions not agreed to in the settlement of the momentous
The Cockroach Opera By Nano Riantiarno Directed by Mark Gaal Belvoir Theatre, Sydney Reviewed by Lenore Tardif Indonesian playwright Nano Riantiarno captures the poverty and oppression of street living in Jakarta, and the corruption of the
Radio highlights Noam Chomsky interviewed — The famous antiwar activist and linguist discusses freedom in liberal democracies and the changes in the former Soviet Union. On ABC Radio National's Books and Writing program, Fri August 14, 10.05
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Most of the leadership of the Australian Democrats' progressive Victorian division and five out of nine of their candidates in the coming Victorian elections have left the party. Their departure comes in the wake of
I'm British But ... Directed by Gurinder Chadha Reviewed by Reihana Mohideen "I describe myself as a Scottish Pakistani", says a Scotland-born young woman from Glasgow, her strong Scots accent rolling off her tongue. She talks about trying to
Vince Brophy live By Col Hesse WOLLONGONG — The first time I saw Vince Brophy was earlier this year, at the march and rally to save Bulli Hospital from becoming yet another victim of the state Liberal government's "economic rationalism".
Bosnia and the New World Order Under the pretext of safeguarding the supply of humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Sarajevo, the US government is preparing to use military force to "resolve" the conflict in Bosnia. The outcry by US
Frightening implications Peter Boyle's arguments in his article on the Urban Crisis (May 27) that the problems facing our cities in the future are fundamentally social and could be solved soley through proper planning and social reconstruction,
MELBOURNE — While the Victorian Trades Hall Council executive has decided to campaign for Labor in the coming state election, spending about $50,000 and appointing a full-time campaign coordinator, left-wing union officials from the "Pledge"
By Hans Norebrink LA PAZ — The so-called cosmic religions of America are undergoing a resurgence, encouraged by the campaign, "500 years of native, black and popular resistance". American natives are rediscovering national and cultural roots
Tas mineworkers form unemployed group By Ian Jamieson ROSEBERY, Tas — About 60 people have joined the newly formed West Coast Unemployed Workers Union, set up on the initiative of mineworkers retrenched by Pasminco, a North Broken Hill
WA Aboriginal act draws protests By Leon Harrison PERTH — Objections have been pouring in to the WA government since Aboriginal communities were given 30 days to consider the newly rewritten Aboriginal Heritage Act, due to come before
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Paul Keating's appointment of Dr Anne Summers as his adviser on women's issues earlier this year was seen as a smart move by the more cynical observers watching the two main parties "woo the ladies' vote" (to use


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