Gillian Davy, Melbourne A powerful video message from Herman Wainggai, spokesperson for 43 West Papuan asylum seekers incarcerated on Christmas Island, was a highlight of a Free West Papua Collective public forum attended by 120 people on February
The Israeli Ministry of Defence has introduced a new military order preventing Palestinians from entering Israel via roads used by Israelis, restricting their entry to 11 crossings specifically earmarked for Palestinians. Previously, Palestinians
V. Selvam, a leader of the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) and general council member of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress, visited Melbourne in early February at the invitation of the Socialist Party. Green Left Weekly's Chris Slee spoke to him
Unions representing workers and academics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) on February 16 — after eight days of militant strike action and demonstrations — agreed to suspend industrial action following a 7% wage offer from management.
Eva Cheng Backed by the Vietnamese government, in January 2004 a few of Vietnam's estimated 3-4 million surviving victims of Agent Orange, the chemical weapon widely used by the US during the Vietnam War, brought a lawsuit in a US district court
We Are Australians Too: Women Against RacismCasula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Liverpool Regional MuseumMarch 8 to April 1Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-4pmPhone (02) 9824 1121Free admission REVIEW BY VIVIAN MESSIMERIS The Cronulla race riots of December
NEWCASTLE — A Socialist Alliance and Green Left Weekly-sponsored public meeting on February 7 was addressed by GLW journalist Sarah Stephen on Australian nationalism and the role of racism in the white settlement of Australia. Stephen described
Doug Lorimer In a widely reprinted story, the February 8 Washington Post reported that Iran has completed drawings of an underground shaft that could be used for testing a nuclear weapon. Citing unnamed US officials who claimed to have examined
Are we all just too greedy? It's a dog-eat-dog world. Whites are susceptible to racism against people of colour, men to sexism against women, etc. But this isn't "human nature". Greed and competition are not instincts. Early tribal societies
Bronwen Beechey & Grant Morgan, Auckland History was made on February 12 when 800 fast-food workers and supporters met in the Auckland Town Hall. The meeting was organised by the Unite union, which wants a NZ$12 minimum wage, no youth rates, and
Norm Dixon A Liberal Party member, speech writer for former federal environment minister Robert Hill and former lobbyist in Canberra has gone on the record about the self-described "mafia" representing big business polluters that "has got the keys
As campaigning for the March 18 election in South Australia gathers pace, state Labor treasurer Kevin Foley will be in for some unpleasant surprises. Labor's campaign will make general promises to improve the dismal state of South Australia's
Michael Ascroft, Melbourne Azlan McLennan has been called everything from a terrorist to an anti-Semite. In his short career as an artist he has repeatedly hit the right right-wing buttons. Azlan studied fine arts in Canberra while producing
Kavita Krishnan, the president of the All India Students Association, was arrested on February 8 for her part in a protest almost a decade ago. In April 1997, Krishnan led a demonstration following the assassination of Jawaharlal Nehru University
Raul Bassi, Sydney After deliberating for less than a day on February 14, a jury found that Mamdouh Habib, who was incarcerated without charge for three years at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, was defamed by an article published by the Sydney
Emma Clancy Building the March 17-20 "Troops out" global weekend of protest against the occupation of Iraq will be a big focus for Resistance activists during the university orientation weeks. Having initiated the Books not Bombs movement in 2003,


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