Kathy Newnam More than 40 people gathered at the "Let's get seditious" forum at Groove Cafe on January 28, to hear from speakers challenging the federal Coalition government's new anti-sedition laws. Anti-war campaigner Emma King spoke about the
Kerryn Williams On February 2, Venezuela's socialist president Hugo Chavez announced in a television speech that the US embassy's naval attache Captain John Correa was expelled from Venezuela. According to a February 3 Venezuelanalysis.com report,
REVIEW BY SARAH STEPHEN Papers Of a Dead Man7.30pm, Friday February 24Performance Space, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, BrisbanePhone bookings $19/$24, (07) 3872 9000 (noon-4pm, Mon-Fri)Online
ExxonMobil made some US$36 billion in 2005 — the largest profits ever recorded by a US corporation — generated at the expense of the environment, human rights and workers' rights around the world. The ExxposeExxon.com campaign has responded with
Sarah Stephen, Sydney On January 31, 47-year-old former Afghan diplomat Naqib Ahmed Noori was released from Villawood detention centre after six years and four months of imprisonment. Noori, a former member of the People's Democratic Party of
Roger X& Emma Clancy It must be a strange coincidence that PM John Howard feels the need to introduce laws that take away our rights to free speech and political dissent at the same time as his government is launching major attacks on the rights
Doug Lorimer In a study for the Pentagon, Andrew Krepinevich, a retired US Army officer, concluded that the US Army cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to defeat the anti-occupation insurgency. He also suggested that
Michael Ascroft, Melbourne Just two days after a deliberately burned Australian flag was put on display above a Footscray street, it was seized by police. The flag was installed outside Trocadero Art Space for the exhibition Proudly unAustralian by
Dale Mills NSW Police has called for 3000 extra police over the next three years, part of a nation-wide attempt by police to gain more staff and more funding. Australia's real recurrent spending on the police service was about $5.5 billion in
What would I be if I were 77 metres high, 344 metres long, 78 metres at my widest point and a full three metres taller than Brisbane's Story Bridge? Give up? I'd be the USS Ronald Reagan, the world's largest aircraft carrier, come to Brisbane for
Jim Green, Adelaide Friends of the Earth (FoE) is being relaunched in South Australia with a focus on promoting sustainable, socially and ecologically conscious technologies as an alternative to the nuclear industry. FoE Adelaide will also be
On January 31, Military Families Against the War led a protest and vigil in London's Parliament Square following the 100th death of British soldiers in Iraq. Similar vigils were also organised in 100 towns across Britain. Rose Gentle, whose son