Margarita Windisch, Caracas Once again, Venezuelans are gearing up for elections. On December 4, the people will go to the polls to elect 167 representatives of the National Assembly (AN) for a five-year term. Since the election of President Hugo
Janet Parker Most people think that the war in Vietnam ended 30 years ago, but did it? More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than the total dropped by all sides in World War II. These bombs continue to wreak havoc; more than 84,000 people (mostly
Lee Yu Kyung, Pusan The cost of accommodation for each leader attending the APEC summit was US$4000 per day. US President George Bush occupied the whole of Western Chosun Hotel. Some 1000 official participants swallowed $1.5 million at the
Stuart Munckton A key witness in the trial of those charged over the assassination of Venezuelan state prosecutor Danilo Anderson has identified FBI and CIA agents as being involved in planning his death. Anderson, who was killed by a car bomb on
Dave Holmes, Melbourne Green Left Weekly has won the right to resume its Saturday morning stalls at the big Barkly Square shopping centre in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. After years of responsible and trouble-free operation, Green
Mike Krebs, Vancouver The crisis on the Kashechewan native reserve in northern Ontario has once again placed the brutal social and living conditions of indigenous people in Canada onto the centre stage of politics. On October 14, Health Canada, the
Diet Simon, Bonn While both major parties making up German Chancellor Angela Merkel's new "grand coalition" government — the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats — are committed, on paper, to the gradual closing down of the country's 17
Rohan Pearce While US President George Bush was in China fighting a losing battle with a locked door at a Beijing media conference, it was left to his vice-president, the rather less bumbling Dick Cheney, to defend Washington's troubled war on Iraq
Amanda Freund, Newcastle Newcastle City Council will fly the West Papuan flag from City Hall on December 1 as a gesture of support for the West Papuan people's struggle for independence from Indonesian rule. Council general manager Janet Dore
Susan Price, Sydney On the night of November 22, following threats of eviction, the University of Newcastle moved to changed the locks on the offices of the National Tertiary Education Union on the campus. The NTEU had previously made attempts at
As around 600,000 workers took to the streets around Australia on November 15 against the Howard government's draconian anti-union/anti-worker laws, some 120 New Zealand workers protested in solidarity outside the Australian High Commission in
Federico Fuentes, La Paz This year marks the 20th anniversary of the implementation of Decree 21060, which heralded the dawning of the era of neoliberal "free market" policies in Bolivia. According to Jim Schultz, executive director of the