Lisa Macdonald
The knifing of former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mamdouh Habib near his home in Sydney in the early hours of August 23 was not a random attack. It was, along with the now frequent vandalising of mosques, abuse of veiled women in the

Fraser Allison, Melbourne
On August 19, young environmental activists led a different sort of demonstration against global warming. Juliana Qian and Lachlan Campbell-Type, with a small group of supporters, thanked commuters at train stations for

SYDNEY — A mock trial of David Hicks held in front of PM John Howard's office on August 26 was organised by the Canterbury Bankstown Peace Group and Justice for Hicks and Habib Campaign. An activist dressed in US military uniform was the

Pip Hinman
David Hicks has now spent almost four years in Guantanamo Bay, the US prison in Cuba. Along with the rest of the prisoners, he has been classed as an "enemy combatant" - legal mumbo jumbo that strips him of any prisoner-of-war rights

The battle for freedom over tyrannyIs the battle of remembering over forgetting.
— Milan Kundera
And yet there is another battle, but I'll save it for the endAs they write their lopsided histories of fiction'cause they get paid to show only one

David Llewellyn faced a barrage of criticism and no-confidence motions over his handling of the health portfolio when Tasmania’s parliament resumed on August 23.

The following "Statement to the Muslims participating at the PM's Summit", signed by 51 Australian Muslim organisations, was issued on August 22.
Dear Muslim delegates,
The Muslims represented by the undersigned organisations wish to submit our

ADELAIDE — Two-hundred protesters converged on the Adelaide Festival Theatre on August 27, where PM John Howard was addressing the state Liberal Party's annual general meeting. Organised by the Student Activist Alliance, a group from Glenunga

Kathy Newnam, Darwin
Letty Scott has called for the Northern Territory government to re-open the coronial inquest into the death of her husband, Douglas Scott, in Berrimah prison in July 1985. For more than 20 years she has fought to overturn the

Doug Lorimer
By setting up a camp outside US President George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, on August 6 and demanding he met with her regarding the death of her son, Casey, in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan and her supporters have helped reactivate the US


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