Andrew Martin, Brisbane "I've had a gutful of the phraseology of boxing clever, keeping the powder dry and the troops disciplined. We must discuss genuine collectivism and solidarity", Bob Carnegie, an organiser for the Queensland Builders
Three DollarsStarring David Wenham, Frances O'Connor, Sarah WynterDirected by Robert ConnollyNow showing nationally BY SARAH STEPHEN Three Dollars follows somewhat in the footsteps of director Robert Connolly's last film, The Bank, the story of
Dale Mills On April 6, the High Court handed down a decision in the case of Nuha Jamil Koehler v Cerebos (Australia) Limited which represents a setback for workers' health and safety rights. Koehler, 50, claimed she was unable to cope with the
Rohan Pearce The April 9 anti-occupation demonstrations by supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada al Sadr marked the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, which was probably the last time anything went as planned for Washington in its war on Iraq.
Eva Cheng Japan's escalating of territorial disputes with China and Korea — and Tokyo's latest attempt to whitewash its wartime atrocities — provoked huge protests in China and South Korea in March. The protests snowballed in China,
War is 'conflict prevention' "The US intelligence community is drawing up a secret watch-list of 25 countries where instability might precipitate US intervention, according to officials in charge of a new office set up to co-ordinate planning for
Ian Jamieson& Nikki Ulasowski, Perth A Unions WA executive meeting on April 12 decided to call a cross-union delegates' meeting — likely to be held in May — to form a campaign committee against the federal Coalition government's planned
April 20 1966: A candlelight vigil is held in Sydney as the first conscripts leave for Vietnam. 1996: The Scottish Socialist Alliance is founded. April 21 1856: Stonemasons in Melbourne are among the first workers in the world to win the
Alex Rayfield, Melbourne Three activists — Jason MacLeod, Josie Lee and Adam Breasley — are currently before the courts after being arrested for non-violent direct action at the Australian Defence Industries (ADI) munitions plant in Benalla,
Seeing Red, the "forum of social, political and cultural dissent" initiated by the Socialist Alliance, has launched its web site (visit <http://www.seeing-red.org>). The arrival of the site comes with the third issue of the magazine, which
Suadi Sulaiman Laweueng, the Free Aceh Movement's (GAM) spokesperson for the Pidie regency in north Aceh, spoke to Green Left Weekly about the struggle in Aceh. The interview was translated by James Balowski. Can you explain the situation there?
Roberto Jorquera, an activist from the Venezuelan Solidarity Network in Australia, is in Caracas to help prepare for the solidarity brigade the network is organising from July 25-August 15, and to report on the unfolding revolution there. Regular