The Urals region is one of the main industrial centres of Russia. However, its social infrastructure lags behind that of cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg, while such industrial centres of the region as Yekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk),
By Peter Annear PRAGUE — British Prime Minister John Major's tour of central Europe in May served not only to improve the electoral chances of the Czech-based Civic Democratic Party. It also drew attention to economic and political
Just for fun Strictly Ballroom Directed by Baz Luhrman Starring Paul Mercurio, Tara Morice, Bill Hunter Reviewed by Lin Wolfe Baz Luhrman's debut feature, despite a few rough edges, deserves to be picked up for wide commercial release. The
Melbourne privatisation protest By Michelle Hovane MELBOURNE — Passers-by the Regent Hotel early on June 15 were confronted by the spectacle of "Premier Kirner" cosying up to a rambunctious "John Elliott" in a double bed. Clicking her
Double load Have you ever heard of ILO 156? If not, it might be worth getting some more information — used properly, it could save millions of women from hours of housework. No, it's not a washing machine that picks clothes up off the
MELBOURNE — About 50 tramway workers and supporters protested outside the Age building on June 19 over a story in the June 14 Sunday Age headlined, "If you drink and drive, you're a bloody tram driver". An accompanying photo purported to show a
Queensland police 'grab for power' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Queensland Police Service and police union had cynically manipulated public fears on crime in a "grab for power", Terry O'Gorman, president of the Council for Civil Liberties,
The politics of music By Anthony Benbow PERTH — On June 12, the Court Hotel in Northbridge hosted a forum on the Politics of Music. The evening, part of the monthly Politics in the Pub series, featured speakers from different sectors of
Tax-pack not as bad as it appears By Robert Byrne A glance at page three of "Tax Pack 92" reveals that it was printed on paper "from managed plantation and native forests, 100% Australian content". This would seem rather alarming. How many
Australian military surveillance is helping the Papua New Guinea Defence Force to blockade Bougainville by providing information on boats attempting to get through the blockade, according to a Bougainville provisional government representative in
CRA accused of cyanide pollution By Zanny Begg The Environmental Youth Alliance is planning to confront the Australian company CRA over charges that it is polluting the Indonesian environment. CRA is the majority shareholder (67.95%) in
By Tracy Sorensen When a rare frog is threatened by the destruction of tropical rainforest to make way for a resort hotel, the extinction of species due to human activity is clear. Less obvious, perhaps, is the threat to biodiversity in the
Rally for abortion rights in ACT By Sue Bolton CANBERRA — "No cop-outs, no committees, we've waited long enough" was the chant from the crowd as Wayne Berry, minister for health, introduced the Termination of Pregnancy (Repeal) Bill in the
Human being (patent pending) A chilling example of the madness of the push for private profit emerged when the Greens in the European Parliament found an application at the European Patent Office to patent an entire human being. The April
By Tracy Sorensen If we lost the long-footed potoroo, mallee fowl and bilby, it would be very sad, but life would surely go on. If there are between 10 million and 30 million species on this planet, the loss of these and a few others, give or
By Kevin Healy It was a week in which the world's greatest worst ex-treasurer Paul, with a simple hypnotic gesture of his statistical grab bag, totally erased youth unemployment. "It is ludicrous", Paul said, "to suggest 46% of Aussie youth


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