By Tracy Sorensen If we lost the long-footed potoroo, mallee fowl and bilby, it would be very sad, but life would surely go on. If there are between 10 million and 30 million species on this planet, the loss of these and a few others, give or
Rally for abortion rights in ACT By Sue Bolton CANBERRA — "No cop-outs, no committees, we've waited long enough" was the chant from the crowd as Wayne Berry, minister for health, introduced the Termination of Pregnancy (Repeal) Bill in the
Human being (patent pending) A chilling example of the madness of the push for private profit emerged when the Greens in the European Parliament found an application at the European Patent Office to patent an entire human being. The April
By Peter Boyle According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, unemployment in May reached a postwar record of 10.6%. Yet Australia is "technically" well out of recession because, by the end of March, the economy had grown for three quarters
By Kevin Healy It was a week in which the world's greatest worst ex-treasurer Paul, with a simple hypnotic gesture of his statistical grab bag, totally erased youth unemployment. "It is ludicrous", Paul said, "to suggest 46% of Aussie youth
By Frank Noakes Protests in Belgrade indicate a growing opposition to President Slobodan Milosevic's attempts to create a Greater Serbia at the expense of Serbia's neighbours. The day after a church-organised procession calling for peace,
Comment by Jorge Jorquera The August federal budget will most likely put an end to Austudy as a grant scheme. The most likely outcome is the introduction of an optional loans scheme attached to the Austudy grants system. The loans "option"
By Vandana Shiva The proposed Biodiversity Convention was one of the big casualties at the Earth Summit, held in Rio in the first two weeks of June. Negotiations on the convention were concluded on May 20 in Nairobi. Since most of the
Nuclear cuts reflect changing US strategy By Steve Painter The latest US-Russian nuclear arms cuts, announced by presidents Bush and Yeltsin in Washington on June 16, reflect a continuing move by the US towards armaments more suitable to its
Worth discussing The question most worth discussing now and in coming years is whether the fall of communist structures from Tirana to Vladivostok implies that "worker and peasant governments" cannot be created and operated effectively by
By Sean Malloy "Resistance takes an active stand on issues important to young people. This year's Resistance conference will reflect the diversity and dynamism of our activities this year and our plans for the future", says Jorge Jorquera,
Justice for refugees Federal court judge Marcus Einfeld made some telling points in his June 17 speech to the National Press Club, launching National Refugee Week. He rightly castigated the federal government's treatment of Cambodian boat
Anger over delay to PNG forest act LAE, PNG — Tribal landowners, community organisations and members of the government have reacted angrily to delays in gazetting Papua New Guinea's new Forestry Act, says Sasa Kokino, director of the PNG
Victoria to trial 'training' scheme By Wendy Robertson MELBOURNE — In response to a 46% youth unemployment rate, the state Labor government has announced that it will pilot a controversial youth training scheme. Critics say it will
Abortion: Desperate Choices 39th Sydney Film Festival A film by Susan Froemke and Deborah Dickson From "American Undercover" Series by Maysles Films Inc (USA) Reviewed by Kath Tucker The current battles in the USA to retain women's access
British Greens in crisis LONDON — The British Green Party is in financial crisis as its membership plummets under the control of the Green 2000 group, which swept the party's executive positions in elections last year. The party now has 8000


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