Hanan Ashrawi, Ramallah The oppressive nature of a military occupation eventually victimises the occupier much like it does the occupied. Gradually, the stench of moral decay overwhelms, internalizing a warped system of "values" that erodes the
Karen Fredericks, Port Moresby A violent raid by Port Moresby police on an alleged brothel on March 11 has galvanised women's groups, community and church organisations and aid workers in a new coalition to call for a public and independent
Jenny Long, Sydney Chris Cain, the new, militant, secretary of the Western Australian branch of the Maritime Union of Australia, spoke to 80 people at a public meeting in Sydney on March 18. He discussed the recent successes of the WA MUA branch in
Norm Dixon "Every civilised nation has a stake in preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction... We're determined to confront those threats at the source", US President George Bush declared in a February 11 speech. "We will stop these
Alison Thorne Activists in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) are mobilising to back a number of proposals to go before the union's 26-28 March National Council. Most motions were developed by activists from around the country aligned
Rohan Pearce Three days after the March 11 terrorist attacks in Madrid, in which 200 people died and up to 1750 were injured, Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's Popular Party (PP) government was thrown out of office. The massive defeat of the PP,
Alex Miller The refusal of the Labour Party-dominated local authorities in Scotland to pay their childcare workers a living wage has caused chaos for parents across Scotland. Childcare workers ("nursery nurses" in Scotland) have been strike since
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Norman Brewer, Sydney On the first day of an Aboriginal youth summit, held March 17-18 in Redfern, a new group, called One Voice for Inner City Aboriginal Youth, was founded. Although the Aboriginal Dance Theatre had planned to hold the summit in
The US ruling class is continuing to wage a battle over control of women's reproductive organs, and it's packing a good punch. Two major pieces of legislation have seriously challenged Roe vs Wade — the 1973 US Supreme Court ruling which gave women
Simon Tayler, Sydney Supporters of Sydney's only community television station - Channel 31 - were shocked to hear on March 18 that the station would be forced off the air as a result of a decision by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) to
Norm Dixon, Sydney US President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australian PM John Howard — "politicians with blood on their hands" — should be "punished" at the ballot box for invading and occupying Iraq, renowned political