BY ANN SCHOLL& FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA Argentina was once the world's granary. Now starving children haunt the villas miseria — shanty towns — and cartoneros (unemployed) families roam the streets looking for leftovers to eke a living from. Over
Lyndon LaRouche: Fascism Restyled for the New MillenniumBy Helen GilbertRed Letter Press, 46 pagesCopies available for $7 from the Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria; send a cheque for $8, payable to the Feminist Education
Insane bomber I "If we have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what happens. You're dealing with insane suicide bombers who are killing our people, and we need to be very aggressive in taking them out." — US Republican senator Trent Lott,
BY LEIGH HUGHES ADELAIDE — Wearing a shirt with "The battlefield is between your ears: put up a fight" written on it, David Barsamian, founder of Alternative Radio in the United States, gave a lecture on war, propaganda and hypocrisy at the
BY JO WILLIAMS Australian women are having less children than ever before. Not only are more women childless, the one-child family is the fastest growing family type in Australia. While much of the resulting talk of a "fertility crisis" is based
BY VANNESSA HEARMAN MELBOURNE — Some 150 people spent the evening of November 3 rocking the Maritime Union of Australia's hall in North Melbourne. This fundraiser was just one part of the MUA's solidarity work with East Timor's Transport and
BY NIKOLAI HADDAD SYDNEY — Palestinian Legislative Council member Dr Hanan Ashrawi, who is also the secretary-general of the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Peace (MIFTAH), arrived in Sydney on November 4 to be
BY JUERGEN MULZER DARWIN — It has long been known that Darwin's Longgrass community is home to some fantastic musical talent, so it is not surprising that the launch of the first Longgrass Live CD at the third annual Freedom to Sleep Festivities
Dude, Where's My Country?By Michael MoorePenguin, 2003249pp, $40 (hb) REVIEW BY NICK FREDMAN Michael Moore is back, again bearing the weapons of leftist analysis, righteous anger and humour to smite all stupid white men, particularly George W.
BY SUSAN FITZGERALD NEW YORK — On November 4, the UN General Assembly voted by a record majority (179 in favour, three against and two abstentions) to demand an end to the four-decade-long economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on
BY EMMA MURPHY& LESLIE RICHMOND Fourteen men claiming to be Kurds from Turkey, four Indonesian crew and one small fishing boat drifting into shore on Melville Island, 80km from Darwin — that's all it took for the government to declare "national
BY KURT NIMMO In April 2002, Greenpeace activists boarded a commercial ship off the coast of Florida. The ship was transporting mahogany illegally exported from Brazil's Amazon rainforest. The activists unfurled a banner stating: "President Bush,
BY STEPHEN GARVEY MELBOURNE — On October 23, workers at Wilson Transformers Pty Ltd in Glen Waverley went on strike in response to management's refusal to negotiate on the latest enterprise bargaining agreement. Wilson Transformers management
A group of organisations are campaigning in support of the award-wining documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, after the Canadian Pacific Region Chapter of Amnesty International (AI Canada) decided to withdraw it from the November 6-9
BY NORM DIXON "What was Willie Brigitte doing in Australia for five months?" and "Why did the federal government not take action against him sooner" are the questions that the corporate media has repeatedly asked since news of the 35-year-old
BY KAREN FLETCHER MELBOURNE — "The second worst thing imaginable would be if our child died fighting in a just war — that we believed should be fought. The absolute worst thing would be if he died in a war that we believe is wrong", Nancy


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