BY STEPHEN GARVEY MELBOURNE — On October 23, workers at Wilson Transformers Pty Ltd in Glen Waverley went on strike in response to management's refusal to negotiate on the latest enterprise bargaining agreement. Wilson Transformers management
A group of organisations are campaigning in support of the award-wining documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, after the Canadian Pacific Region Chapter of Amnesty International (AI Canada) decided to withdraw it from the November 6-9
BY NORM DIXON "What was Willie Brigitte doing in Australia for five months?" and "Why did the federal government not take action against him sooner" are the questions that the corporate media has repeatedly asked since news of the 35-year-old
BY KAREN FLETCHER MELBOURNE — "The second worst thing imaginable would be if our child died fighting in a just war — that we believed should be fought. The absolute worst thing would be if he died in a war that we believe is wrong", Nancy
BY MARCUS GREVILLE LONDON — On November 3, 30,000 striking members of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) won a spectacular trade union victory against Royal Mail management and its New Labour masters, when the postal bosses acceded to almost
A Revolution in Four-part Harmony, Lee Hirsch, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim, Vusi Mahlasela, Schonell, Chauvel, Nova, Perth Film Festival, outh Africa, apartheid, Sharpeville, United Democratic Movement, Congress of South African
BY DOUG LORIMER The November 2 missile attack on a US Army Chinook troop transport helicopter — which left 16 GIs dead and 20 badly wounded — has finally forced leading officials in Washington to acknowledge that the US is involved in a
BY DANNY FAIRFAX The 15th congress of the Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire, LCR), held October 30-November 2, sealed an historic pact with France's other main revolutionary socialist party, Lutte Ouvriere (Workers
BY JAMES CRAFTI MELBOURNE — The Victorian education department has threatened to sack several hundred staff. Education workers have been threatened by the department with the loss of up to 400 jobs since August. The threat spilled over into the
BY RAISA PAGES Some call it an embargo, for others it's a blockade. But neither word correctly reflects the magnitude of the actions carried out by the US government against Cuba since 1959. US Secretary of State Cristian Herter used the correct


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