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BY SUE BOLTON An attempt by trade unionists working in the Pilbara mines in Western Australia to end rivalries between their unions, to present a united face to the mining industry bosses, has been sabotaged by the Australian Workers Union. At
BY BRADLEY SIMS ALBANY, WA — A soccer team will be dismantled, teachers feel their work is futile, workers will lose work-mates, landlords will lose tenants, friends will lose friends, businesses will lose customers and a local abattoir will lose
Inside the walls of Florida State Prison on September 3, Paul Hill, who shot and killed a doctor and a volunteer escort at a Pensacola abortion clinic in 1994, remained unrepentant until death. Hill, the first US anti-abortion terrorist to be
BY ROLAND SHEPPARD SAN FRANCISCO - On August 14, the northeastern United States experienced its most extensive power blackout ever. The cause, according to US President George Bush's statement on August 15, was the "antiquated system". He might
Obviously not addressing GIs in Iraq "All over the world, all across this globe, everywhere you go, people long for ... the ability to get up in the morning, walk out your door and not have to look in every direction to make sure that someone won't
BY ROHAN PEARCE Following the terrible 9/11 terrorist attacks, Washington seized on the shock and fear they produced to implement an aggressive renewed drive for world domination — under the banner of the "war on terror" — which otherwise would
BY BARNARD BUSOOA The University of Western Sydney Bankstown Students' Association has recently been informed by the university admnistration that it will soon cease to exist. It will become part of a centralised entity partly owned by the
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — On August 28, the Party of United Peoples Opposition (POPOR) submitted the necessary documentation to the Indonesian authorities to be registered as a legal political party. New laws have created three categories of
BY DOUG LORIMER On August 31, Peter McPherson, a former Bank of America executive, close friend of US Vice-President Dick Cheney and, today, the top US economic "adviser" in Iraq, announced that the US-dominated Coalition Provisional Authority
BY BARRY SHEPPARD SAN FRANCISCO — On September 3, five of the candidates hoping to replace the Democrats' Gray Davis as governor of California, should he be recalled on October 7, took part in a nationally televised debate. The five were selected
BY CHRIS LATHAM PERTH — Four-thousand members of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) are expected to strike on September 8, demanding safer working conditions in the construction industry, following citywide stop work
BY CHRIS SLEE Dr Joe Toscano has worked as a doctor in private practice for 21 years and is joint national coordinator of Defend and Extend Medicare (DEM), a group initiated in Victoria but aiming to extend nation-wide. Toscano spoke with Green
BY ALISON THORNE It was standing room only in the Federal Court on August 28. People had mobilised to hear Judge Robert Lasnik present his findings on a challenge by Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) candidate Linda Averill to the City of Seattle. At
BY CHRIS LATHAM FREMANTLE — Chris Cain, the recently elected Western Australian secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), spoke at an August 30 Politics in the Pub discussion on defending militant unions against the attacks of federal
UWS funding protest SYDNEY — Thirty students and staff at the Kingswood campus of the University of Western Sydney protested on September 4 against the federal government's planned cuts to university funding, under which UWS stands to lose over


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