BY NATASHA IZATT & NORM DIXON LONDON — Protest action swept Britain on March 20, in response to the launch of the US-British war of conquest against Iraq. Tens of thousands of school students spearheaded the militant demonstrations,
BY LEIGH HUGHES ADELAIDE — The first strike in the US-led war on Iraq was the catalyst for the abandonment of classrooms and the closure of several schools across Adelaide on March 20, as hundreds of students walked out in protest. Students
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — On the eve of the March 22 NSW election, both Labor Premier Bob Carr and Liberal Party leader John Brogden pleaded with voters not to make the war on Iraq a state election issue. However, the rapid growth of the
BY AMY MCDONELL ADELAIDE — On March 5, Adelaide's Kurdish community protested plans by Turkey to join the US in invading and occupying Northern Iraq (South Kurdistan). More than 100 people gathered at Victoria Square for a march to state
BY GRANT COLEMAN WOLLONGONG — On March 20, 250 local high school, TAFE and university students joined an emergency student walkout in response to the beginning of the war on Iraq. The walkout was called by Wollongong Books not Bombs just two days
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About 40 people gathered outside Federal MP Jackie Kelly's office in Penrith from 5pm the day war started. With signs that read "Disarm the USA, and Israel" and "No Blood for Oil", the peace vigil heard speakers from the Greens, the Socialist
BY DANI BARLEY DETROIT — As word of the commencement of mis-named Operation Iraqi Freedom spread across the world, activists in the belly of the beast also took to the streets to voice their intense opposition to what they labelled an "unjust and
BY PIP HINMAN SYDNEY — Protestors at the emergency rally on March 20 didn't miss an opportunity to tell NSW Premier Bob Carr what they thought of his tame-cat position on the Iraq war when they spotted his limousine stuck in traffic near
BY KYLIE MOON "Stop school to stop the war!" This was a call put out by Books Not Bombs (BNB) following US President George Bush's March 17 48-hour ultimatum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. It was met on March 20 by thousands of students putting
BY DENISE AUKES BRISBANE — The March 5 student strike demonstrated that young people in Australia refuse to be silent about the criminal US war against Iraq. More than 30,000 people, mostly high school students who had walked out of school,
BY MARCEL CAMERON Hearing news that war had begun, more than 10,000 people jammed into Brisbane's King George Square in a 5pm emergency rally called by the Queensland Peace Network on March 20. At first the mood was sombre and reflective, but this
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