BY ALISON DELLIT It didn't take long for the corporate media to fall even further behind backing Washington's war on Iraq. On March 19, the day after Prime Minister John Howard announced his government had officially committed Australian troops to
BY PIP HINMAN As the US-led war on Iraq began in earnest on March 20, the mass outpouring of anger across the world surprised even some seasoned campaigners. In Australia, around 90,000 people took their protest to the streets in all the
Green Left Weekly's ROHAN PEARCE examines the main justifications used by US President George Bush and Prime Minister John Howard to justify the US-led invasion of Iraq. 1. Iraq possesses chemical and biological weapons The UN inspections have so
BY DOUG LORIMER In a final public relations ploy before ordering a blitzkrieg-style invasion of Iraq on March 19, US President George Bush issued a prime-time ultimatum on March 17: "Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours.
BY MATT EGAN In Lismore, with two hours notice, five hundred people rallied against the attack on Baghdad on March 20. Sister Margaret Mazzer began the event by singing a prayer for peace. Rally chairperson Tom Flanagan observed that if the
BY SUSAN AUSTIN On March 20, 200 people attended a protest and march the local navy base, where a mock "die-in" was held. This was very powerful, and organised by local group Peace by Peace. On the following day, at lunchtime, there was a rally in
BY MARCE CAMERON For the second time in two days, up to 10,000 people marched through the streets of Brisbane on March 22. The noon rally at King George Square drew a crowd of 5000 but people kept pouring in from all sides of the square even as the
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — On the eve of the March 22 NSW election, both Labor Premier Bob Carr and Liberal Party leader John Brogden pleaded with voters not to make the war on Iraq a state election issue. However, the rapid growth of the
Blockies for peace BY KAMALA EMANUEL LAUNCESTON — When the war started, like many others, I just had to protest. I joined around 100 other furious people on the side of one of Launceston's busiest roads, calling on motorists to honk for peace.
BY DANI BARLEY DETROIT — As word of the commencement of mis-named Operation Iraqi Freedom spread across the world, activists in the belly of the beast also took to the streets to voice their intense opposition to what they labelled an "unjust and


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