By Asples Madang (People of Madang) For the past 17 years, JANT Pty Ltd has paid the landowners of the Gogol-Naru in Papua New Guinea's Madang province only K1.18 per cubic metre (K1.00=US1.05) for premium timber — hardwoods that can easily
By Michael Bell BRISBANE — Green Alliance lord mayoral candidate Drew Hutton believes Greens can expect to win one seat and as many as three in the March 23 Brisbane City Council elections. With the Liberal-dominated council of Sallyanne
By Andrew McGain ADELAIDE — Under cover of talk about making Australia's car industry internationally competitive and of the need for higher productivity and better quality, plans for a new round of attacks on car workers were announced last week.
By Dave Riley Murphy Brown Channel 9 Many situation comedies are built around one central character who retails the best lines and carries the show. Most of these lucky stars are men. For women, the central performance in a comedy series
Nice little earner "Only arms dealers are expected to profit from war. But one effect of the early end to the Gulf War is that the American taxpayer might profit too, because cash donations from allies could exceed America's extra defence costs."
Irish band Spalpeen Irish band Spalpeen at the Celtic Club, Brisbane's newest alternative venue. Opened on March 2, the Celtic Club will provide a venue for republican music every Friday night and Sunday afternoon. The club will also be open to use
By Sally Low Is it possible for Irish people to get a fair trial before British courts? Amid celebrations of the Birmingham Six's March 14 release, this question is raised — and the facts lead inevitably to the answer that it is not. Hugh
By Peter Boyle With more than one in 10 people out of a job, unemployment in Australia has reached record levels, and Bob Hawke's March 12 economic statement promised do away with even more jobs. The official unemployment rate, as calculated by
By Max Lane In the last week at least 20 people have either been jailed, detained or interrogated in connection with the circulation of a calendar in Central Java. The calendar, in the form of a wall poster, illustrates the struggles of peasant
Brave new world No sooner had George Bush finished burying the "spectre of Vietnam in the desert sands of the Persian Gulf", than a couple of skeletons fell out of the closet back home and the world discovered that the United States had not only


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