HAMBURG — Filter dust containing dioxin is being exported from steelworks in Western Europe to Poland, Greenpeace has discovered. Under the misleading name "zinc concentrate", 31,000 tonnes of filter dusts from West European steelworks
By Debra Wirth "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." — Article 5. "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile." — Article 9. In theory, the Universal
Brave new world No sooner had George Bush finished burying the "spectre of Vietnam in the desert sands of the Persian Gulf", than a couple of skeletons fell out of the closet back home and the world discovered that the United States had not only
SA child-care workers strike By Teresa Dowding ADELAIDE — Child-care workers from 90 centres in South Australia struck on March 11 over delays in wage talks. The 500 workers are members of the Miscellaneous Workers Union. SA child-care
The Builders' Labourers Federation didn't go away after the Hawke government's drive to destroy it in the mid-'80s. It still has legally recognised branches in four states, and there are networks of former BLF members in the states where the union
TAMAS KRAUSZ is a leader of Hungarian Left Alternative, a left organisation that has grown out of discussions of socialism outside the official state and party structures over the past 15 years. He was interviewed by STEVE PAINTER for in Budapest.
By Adam Novak and Steve Painter PRAGUE — Any hopes that Czechoslovakia might quickly develop a vigorous small business class took a heavy blow in the Czech republic's first round of privatisation auctions, which began on January 26-27. Of the
Backward, Christian Soldiers By Rosemary Evans (To be sung very loudly) Backward, Christian soldiers, Now your war is done. Backward, Egypt, Saudis, Your gamble's been won. Home, Yanks, to Mom's apple pie, And Los Angeles, Where you can
By Peter Boyle The fighting hasn't stopped and smoke won't clear for years in the Middle East, but George Bush claims he's won a victory for a new world order. "We know why we're there", said Bush in his State of the Union address. "We are
By Greg Adamson The Bush administration was more than displeased with the Cuban government's stand on the Gulf crisis, but its hostility to Cuba doesn't stem from that stand. As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Cuba was


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