BY JIM GREEN Federal environment minister David Kemp announced on February 27 the establishment of a Climate Action Partnership between Australia and the United States. The partnership is designed to protect the interests of oil, gas and coal
Museworthy: The Veil Between 3 and 4 ameven singularly we wage warand die from its effectsCorpses litter the nightwith beautywith loveSee the distance purple uswith its flowersits brokennessHow slowly should we leavethe decaying house?When is
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Sunday, 9pm. Phone 9565 5522. Visit <http://www.channel31.org>
BY NORM DIXON On February 25, the presidential candidate for Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai, was formally charged with "high treason", a crime that can carry a death sentence. Tsvangirai was allowed to
BY TERRICA STRUDWICK ROCKHAMPTON — Women have been at the forefront of the battle against Consolidated Meat Group, since CMG's announcement on January 12 that its Rockhampton plant was closing, putting 1350 employees out of work. The workers,
BY ALISON DELLIT On October 7, a fishing boat overloaded with desperate asylum seekers encountered the HMAS Adelaide north of Christmas Island. The warship fired warning shots to stop the boat from moving into Australian waters. Frightened by the
BY JIM McILROY & NICK EVERETT Three hundred people greeted the arrival of the refugee "Freedom Bus" in Brisbane on February 17, while 100 people packed into Sydney Trades Hall on February 25 to hear participants on the Freedom Bus describe their
GLW #481 incorrectly credited a photo of the Tasmanian Weld picket to Neil Cremasco. The photographer was Steve Lucas. From Green Left Weekly, March 6, 2002. Visit the Green Left Weekly home page.
[On February 19, Mauritius' interim president, Supreme Court Chief Justice Arianga Pillay, signed into law anti-terrorism legislation over which his two predecessors had resigned. Twice passed by parliament, the Prevention of Terrorism Bill, deemed
In 1972, US President Richard Nixon suggested that Washington drop nuclear bombs on North Vietnam, just-released tapes of conversations between Nixon and then US secretary of state Henry Kissinger have revealed. Nixon's suggestion was found in 500


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