In 1972, US President Richard Nixon suggested that Washington drop nuclear bombs on North Vietnam, just-released tapes of conversations between Nixon and then US secretary of state Henry Kissinger have revealed. Nixon's suggestion was found in 500
BY RUSSELL PICKERING PERTH — Four hundred people marched through Perth city centre on March 2 demanding the closure of all refugee detention centres. Organised by a broad organising committee initiated by the Refugee Rights Action Network, the
BY LEE SUSTAR CHICAGO — Enron isn't the half of it. Revelations of more colossal financial scams in corporate America swept into the news last week amid the bankruptcy of telecommunications company Global Crossing. As in Enron's case, company
BY DAVE HOLMES Although I am a committed socialist, I must admit there are times when sheer visceral hatred just wells up inside and I just wish one could press a button and the whole grubby, greedy, thieving, lying, vile, shameless lot of them
Pilger film screened DARWIN — Thirty people attended a screening of John Pilger's documentary film New Rulers of the World, which deals with the impact of the international financial institutions on the Third World. The screening was organised
BY SARAH STEPHEN On February 28 the International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) and the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees began a joint international campaign against the lack of rights for asylum seekers in Turkey. Currently,
BY RUTH RATCLIFFE DARWIN — Imagine regular and cheap public transport networks; vibrant community centres offering meeting space and education programs; other centres run by, and for, young people; and community gardens with individual and
BY KERRYN WILLIAMS CANBERRA — Feminist organisations and individuals in the ACT have gathered under the banner "Options for Women" to campaign for women's right to choose abortion. This challenges the renewed offensive by the anti-choice Right to
BY ANDREW FERGUSON SYDNEY — Federal workplace relations minister Tony Abbott has established a royal commission into the building industry. The intention of the federal government is to destroy the Construction, Mining, Forestry and Energy
BY OWAIN LEWIS-JONES& RUTH RATCLIFFE DARWIN — At a public meeting on February 5, addressed by activists from the Refugee Freedom Bus, a range of groups and individuals decided to form a Refugee Action Network (RAN). The first meeting was
BY TERRICA STRUDWICK It is feared that five women and an unknown number of children may have died in the fire which broke out on February 14 at England's Yarl's Wood detention centre. As of February 27, 25 detainees were still unaccounted for.
BY BRENDAN SEXTON [The following is a slightly abridged version of a speech given at an anti-war forum at Columbia University in New York by Brendan Sexton III, one of the actors in the movie Black Hawk Down.] When I first read the script to
BY JIM GREEN Feigned concern for the environment has long been one of the arguments used by the far right to argue against immigration. But calls for zero population growth or reduced population levels, and for reduced or zero immigration, have
REVIEW BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE In Sleepy Scotland Alistair Hulett The Cold Grey Light of Dawn Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick Saturday Johnny and Jimmy the Rat Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick Order at
Palm Sunday Nick Everett's reported expulsion (GLW #480) and the continued exclusion of DSP members from the organising committee of the Sydney Palm Sunday rally represents an unnecessary distraction for genuine left forces in Sydney. As a
BY GARY MEYERHOFF DARWIN — The NT Labor government's zero tolerance policies towards illicit drug users look set to be harsher than those of the former Country Liberal Party (CLP) government. On February 21, the government announced its


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