BY BRIAN WHITAKER LONDON — Whatever authoritarian aspirations Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh may have cherished in the past, tribal and regional fiefdoms have always served as a brake on centralised power. Now, thanks to September 11, the
BY SARAH STEPHEN In order to defend the mandatory detention of asylum seekers, both Labor and Coalition governments have had to convince the Australian people that it is both necessary and justifiable to treat those who arrive in Australia without
BY NGLINTING DARMONO YOGYAKARTA — There's no such thing as a wholly "natural" disaster. The recent catastrophic floods in Jakarta and along the northern coast of Java, which claimed at least 200 lives, were no exception. The Dutch colonial
BY BRIANNA PIKE DARWIN — "Resistance called this high school walkout to demonstrate our anger at the federal government's treatment of the world's most desperate people", Resistance organiser Chris Atkinson told Green Left Weekly. Students from
Since forming in 1994, after what they call "a brief interlude on public transport", Regurgitator has cut four full-length albums and flirted with every music style except polka and yodelling. The band rates as a highlight of its career "a 5am
Cuban tours MELBOURNE — More than 60 people met on February 20 for a public forum titled "From Cuba to Argentina: popular resistance to war and neo-liberal globalisation". Barbara Cantero, a representative of the Cuban Communist Youth (UJC),
BY MAX LANE The chairperson of SMUR (Students in Solidarity with the People), Mahmudal, was arrested in Banda Aceh on February 19 during a demonstration organised by ORPAD (Acehnese Women's Democratic Organisation). SMUR is an
BY FEDERICO FUENTES The campaign against leftist President Hugo Chavez, led by local big business interests and backed by Washington, has rapidly escalated in recent months, with more and more talk of the need to remove Chavez. On November 5-7,
BY BERNIE WUNSCH LISMORE — The refugee solidarity movement in the Northern Rivers region has grown rapidly. Around 400 people attended pro-refugee meetings in the space of four days. The February 15 launch of the Lismore chapter of
BARBARA CANTERO, a representative of the Cuban Communist Youth (UJC), recently visited Australia to explain the activities of he organisation, learn more about the political situation in the Asian region and request increased solidarity for the Cuban


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