The First Ladies' Club of Hypocrisy If you believed their press comments, Laura Bush and Cherie Blair, the wives, respectively, of US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, care deeply about the women of Afghanistan.
BY ALISON DELLIT If the ANZ bank's advertising campaign is right and "nobody cares who came second", then Australian political columnists, politicians and academics have been wasting vast amounts of ink since the November 10 federal election. The
BY KERRY VERNON BRISBANE — Renowned US activist Angela Davis joined dozens of activists, solicitors and researchers working inside and outside prison who gathered here from November 28-30 to discuss the impact of imprisonment on women. Famous
Ever since the US war against Vietnam provoked normally passive civilians into demonstrating against the war, the ruling class has been acutely aware that when it wants to wage war against another country, it needs to control the information which
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — More than 1500 people gathered in Newtown for the Reclaim the Streets festival and march on December 1, protesting against the dominance of cars on city streets and the lack of control people have over their environment.
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — Premier Steve Bracks sent a letter to Australian Manufacturing Workers Union national secretary Doug Cameron on November 29, complaining about the actions of the Victorian AMWU's Workers' First leadership. Bracks
BY NICOLE COLSON CHICAGO — "We watch the X-Files on television, but we never thought it would happen here." That's what Pakistani native Asif Kazi told reporters after FBI agents came crashing through the front door of his Chester, Pennsylvania,
BY DALE MCKINLEY A cursory perusal of the political events in South Africa over the last two months might leave one with the impression that there is a fundamental political battle raging between the South African Communist Party and the African
BY SEAN HEALY In B-grade splatter films, even after the evil villain has been sliced, diced and dunked in lava, you just know he'll be back for the sequel. It's the same with corporate plots to take over the world — because the Multilateral
BY EVA CHENG Afghanistan's proximity to the Caspian region has fuelled speculation that US President George Bush's bombing, and now invasion, of the country has been motivated primarily by a desire for control of the Caspian's rich oil and gas
@caption =PENRITH - As part of an ongoing campaign to challenge the ALP state government's proposal to build a new women's prison at South Windsor, the No New Women's Prison Campaign held a week long vigil near the prison construction site from
BRISBANE —."Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples have had a strong relationship with Green Left Weekly over the years", indigenous leader Sam Watson told 80 GLW supporters on December 1. The audience had gathered to enjoy food and entertainment
Elites Lately we've heard a lot of criticism of "the elite". Strangely, much of this criticism has come from members of the right-wing media and political elite. If the complaint against "elite" opinion is that it's wrong, the fact that it's
BY SARAH STEPHEN Amnesty International's refugee coordinator, Dr Graham Thom, and former Labor Senator and United Nations Association of Australia president Professor Margaret Reynolds are among those who have backed a call for a royal commission
BY MIRIAM MUNICIO More than two and a half million students in the schools and universities answered a strike call all over Spain on November 28, 200,000 of them pouring onto the streets to support demonstrations organised by the Marxist-led
The United Nations General Assembly, for the 10th consecutive year, voted overwhelmingly on November 27 for an end to the US economic blockade against Cuba The vote was 167 to 3, identical to last year's record vote. Only the United States, Israel


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