By Nigel D'Souza "Lock them up and throw away the key" is the logic of the new legislation on young offenders in Western Australia. It is likely to increase greatly the number of young Aborigines in prison. There is a process of

NUS I found the article "Time to Fight for Education For All" (GLW Feb 26) quite puzzling. Jorge Jorquera writes that "the right wing of NUS" is suggesting the NUS "focus more narrowly on a campaign around AUSTUDY". Could he please tell us

By Jack Colhoun WASHINGTON — Representative Robert Torricelli sounded a clarion call for an escalated confrontation between the United States and Cuba when he introduced his Cuba Democracy Act Feb. 5. Flanked by Jorge Mas Canosa, head of

Editorial: North Korea and the US elections In the New World Order, it seems, world peace is hostage to the domestic needs of various factions in US politics. The latest war threat arises from George Bush's unpopularity in early contests to

The Clatter of Wooden Clogs The Clatter of Wooden Clogs By Hugh O'Sullivan Published by the Australian Young Christian Workers Movement. $13 Reviewed by John Jegorow The title is deceptive. "What's a worker worth?" and "Tomorrow is

By Nick Everett SYDNEY — The federal government's decision to stop funding Student Initiatives in Community Health (SICH) and the NSW Family Planning Association's Making Sense of Sex Project is a big blow to the fight against AIDS, said

October Surprise: America's Hostages in Iran and the Election of Ronald Reagan By Gary Sick Times Books, Random House, 1991. 278 pp. US$23 Reviewed by Mark Delmege In 1980, the Reagan-Bush campaign team conspired with Israel and Iran against

By Kim Ives In the five months since the coup that overthrew Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Washington has convinced few with its strained declarations of support for the return to office of the anti-imperialist priest. Now,

By Kath Gelber SYDNEY — Photocopies of the Fact and Fantasy File were enthusiastically received at Sydney Girls High school on March 6. Distributed by the radical youth organisation Resistance, the diaries were welcomed by a large crowd of

A third wave? In their publicity for this year's International Women's Day march and rally, the Sydney organisers suggested that this year could herald the beginning of a "third wave" of feminism. If the suffragists of early this century were


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