BY KAREN FREDERICKS BRISBANE — The traditional owners of Brisbane and surrounding areas will throw their backing behind planned protest plans against the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in October, deciding at a mass meeting at Musgrave
LONDON — Efforts to save the world's last, critically important forests should initially focus on just a handful of countries, a new report has found. A unique satellite-based survey of the planet's remaining unbroken forests, which include virgin,
The news long awaited by Colombia's U'wa tribe and its thousands of supporters around the world has finally arrived: the Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) has announced that it has failed to find oil at the Gibraltar 1 well site on the
BY SEAN WALSH & SARAH PEART MELBOURNE — Would politicians survive Big Brother? This was the contentious and very important question posed at a Green Left Weekly fundraising evening held in the Brunswick Town Hall on August 23 and attended by 100
BY KATHY NEWNAM ADELAIDE — At least 50 schools in the state are in a dire situation, with broken windows, leaking roofs, inadequate space and determined neglect by the education department, according to a new investigation into South Australia's
Corporate pimps "I detest that if you come from a certain culture somebody is going to publish your [work]. When you apply that kind of standard, it can become a whorehouse of distorted mirrors." — Jimmy Santiago Baca. Jimmy Santiago Baca's
BY JULIAN COPPENS MELBOURNE — The Victorian branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union decided at its August 22 state council meeting to demonstrate outside Prime Minister John Howard's October 3 "Inaugural Ceremony and Dinner Address"
BY ALISON DELLIT After losing to a party which did not even pretend to expect to win, it's no surprise that the Country Liberal Party is regretting its decision to preference One Nation ahead of Labor in the Northern Territory elections. It is
BY ALISON DELLIT According to Prime Minister John Howard, the defeat of the Country Liberal Party in the August 18 Northern Territory election was governed by the "It's time" factor. But why NT residents set the "it's time" alarm clock for 26 years
BY ANGELA LUVERA "Around the world young people are radicalising through the new anti-corporate globalisation movement. In some cases this has meant putting their lives directly on the line such as in Indonesia, PNG and at the recent mass protests
BY TAMARA PEARSON Anger is building in Sydney, after Premier Bob Carr blamed Middle Eastern gangs for a succession of sexual assaults in the city's south-west. On one side, led by Carr and the Daily Telegraph, is the beginnings of a lynch mob; on
BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — One thousand shop stewards and health and safety representatives came together on August 23 for a meeting called by the Victorian Trades Hall Council in support of the state Labor government's planned industrial
You'd better believe it! "A vote for Jason Hatton is a vote for tough anti-social behaviour." — August 17 advertisement in the NT News for the Country Liberal Party candidate for the Northern Territory seat of Nightcliff. Eternal damnation not
BY STUART MARTIN WOLLONGONG — At an August 20 hearing of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Australian Workers Union succeeded in again delaying BHP's attempt to sign outsourcing contracts
BY EVA CHENG The United States has scored another victory in its long campaign to ensure China pays dearly to enter the World Trade Organisation, forcing the country to agree to limits on agricultural subsidies tougher than those on other Third
BY TIM STEWART In case you were wondering what to bring along to the protests outside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Brisbane on October 6, the Queensland goverment has issued a list of prohibited items under special police powers


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