BY MICHAEL KARADJIS In a case of breathtaking hypocrisy, a court controlled by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has put on trial for war crimes the former leader of a country against which NATO itself committed war crimes. No US or other
Interchangeable "The last Republican who actually did something good for African-Americans was the so-called 'Great Emancipator', Abraham Lincoln. It should be noted that the good he did was motivated by his party's need for political expediency
BY SARAH STEPHEN Taking office on July 30, Pru Goward will be Australia's fifth Sex Discrimination Commissioner. A close friend of hers, John Howard, appointed her to the $172,000 position, which has a five-year term. A high-profile journalist,
@box text intr = On behalf of the Anti-Privatisation Alliance and all the people fighting against the World Bank/IMF program in Papua New Guinea, we would like to extend our best wishes and gratitude to all our friends and comrades in Australia for
BY EVA CHENG Malaysia's prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, in power for 20 years, has turned increasingly to a notorious repressive law, in a desperate attempt to crush rising internal dissent. Enacted in 1960, the Internal Security Act allows for
BY JOYCE WU Why is the Labor left so keen on mainstream business lobbyists that it's asking for their opinions on human rights, free speech and personal freedom at its conferences — and not providing space for independent, critical voices? On
BY SEAN HEALY While their press secretaries will no doubt come up with a headline-grabbing figure to spin it otherwise, the leaders of the world's eight largest industrialised economies are preparing to ignore worldwide calls to "drop the debt" at
Smart tags Microsoft Corporation is currently in the process of rolling out a huge new product range with names like Hailstorm and Windows XP. Meanwhile, we are being told by top Microsoft officer Steve Ballmer that because it is free, Linux, an
BY PHIL HEARSE LONDON — The recently concluded triangular one-day cricket competition between England, Pakistan and Australia was noticeable for two things. First, as expected, Australia thrashed both the other sides. Second, the British press,
BY SARAH STEPHEN July 28 is the fiftieth anniversary of the enactment of the UN refugee convention. To "celebrate", Australia and other rich country governments are planning to rewrite the convention, to overhaul what determines a refugee and to
BY PAUL BENEDEK SYDNEY — "When the boss wanted orders to stop us picketing, it took less than a day. But we are now into our seventh week without pay, after being unfairly sacked, and still there is no decision." Seventy-two sacked Metroshelf
BY FEDERICO FUENTES Student activists at Melbourne University are determined to defend fellow students who face disciplinary action, even expulsion, over their part in an April 5 protest against university privatisation - and have appealed for