How real are reforms to the 'international financial architecture'? Since the world economic crisis of 1997-98, the leaders of the world's most powerful nations have been working furiously on plans to "strengthen the architecture of the
The Polisario Front said on July 27 that it was "frustrated by underground manoeuvres" aimed at derailing the United Nations peace plan in Western Sahara. Kamal Fadel, the Australian representative of the Western Sahara independence movement, warned:
Rules on refugee services criticised BY LYNDA HANSEN BRISBANE — Federal government laws and regulations restricting refugees' access to work, housing and medical services came under sustained criticism at a Refugee Action Day here on July 23.
HONG KONG — "Our election campaign is based on a transitional program aimed at gaining the attention of the working masses of Hong Kong", Leung Kwok-hung, candidate for the April 5 Action socialist organisation, explained to Green Left Weekly on
KOWLOON — "One of the main campaigns being carried out by Greenpeace Hong Kong is against pollution in Hong Kong harbour, as well as river and air pollution", Kevin Li, a member of the International Rivers Network and Greenpeace Hong Kong, told
Three more S11 groups formed RAY FULCHER, STUART MUNCKTON& EMA CORRO MELBOURNE — Preparations for the S11 protests against the World Economic Forum, scheduled to occur here from September 11-13, are gathering pace, with three new campus S11
Global action conference an important step forward MELBOURNE — International solidarity, workers and the environment, women in the global marketplace and First-Third World relations were just some of the issues discussed at the Global Action
By Robyn Marshall The resolution of the 3 billion-nucleotide sequence of the human genome should be a time of great celebration of human scientific endeavour and ingenuity. It opens the possibility of eliminating 4000 genetic diseases that afflict
RUSSIA: Gazprom Vega workers contaminated by radiation The following appeal was issued by the workers of the Vega department of Gazprom. We are workers in a department of the Russian Gazprom [natural gas] corporation. For 10 years we have been
MANILA — Protest rallies in Metro Manila were violently dispersed by police and marines on July 24. The rallies were called by progressive groups to denounce the state of the nation address (sona) by President Joseph Estrada at the Philippine
S11 street theatre BY DAVE RILEY In the lead up to the anti-World Economic Forum protests in Melbourne on September 11, I'm keen to work up a scripted routine for street performance — for rallies, pickets, campaign meetings, etc. Through a
Planned US rocket base in WA sparks opposition BY JIM GREEN The United States military is planning to establish a rocket testing range in Western Australia, linked to its contentious plans for "missile defence" systems. Royal Australian Navy