BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Calls for a moratorium on the rapid increase in timber plantations in the state have increased, following a 200-strong public meeting, organised by the Wilderness Society, in the Town Hall on July 26. The area covered
Gary Gray It was with much sadness that we learned of the premature death in Aberdeen, Scotland, of Gary Gray (40), exiled from his loved ones here in Australia. In 1997, Gary was deported from Australia, where he was a friend and comrade to many
DETYA staff reject non-union agreement BY PAUL OBOOHOV CANBERRA — Staff at the federal Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DETYA) have overwhelmingly rejected a draft non-union agreement in a blow to management's attempts to
Australian Cuba solidarity activist acknowledged Melbourne-based long-time Cuba solidarity activist and director of Ocean Press, David Deutschmann, was presented with the Friendship Medal in Cuba on July 21. Jose Ramon Balaguer, head of the Cuban
BY MARGARET ALLUM The National Eating Disorder Information Center (NEDIC) in Canada conducted a study of nine- and 10-year-old children's fears. It found that most children were more afraid of getting fat than of losing a parent, getting cancer
BY SUE BOLAND Several years ago, a Melbourne woman was critically injured in a car crash in Greece. She suffered third-degree burns to 70-80% of her body. The usual treatment for serious burns, skin grafts, was not possible. The doctors could save
BY KAREN FLETCHER BRISBANE — The Maryborough community will experience the fruits of the Queensland government's increased capital expenditure in regional areas when the first sod is turned and construction of a new $97 million high-security
INDONESIA: Protests commemorate 1996 crackdown Protest actions took place in several Indonesian cities on July 27 to commemorate the 1996 attacks on the headquarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle (PDI-P) and the crackdown on the
'Angry voices' against imperialism Angry voices against imperialism BY SUSAN AUSTIN BRISBANE — "It is in countries like Indonesia that people are really feeling the impacts of the big international financial institutions", Indonesian
A human being can change In the desertI saw a creature, naked, bestial,Who, squatting upon the ground,Held his heart in his hands/And ate of it. I said, Is it good, friend?It is bitter — bitter, he answered;But I like itBecause it is
SOUTH KOREA: Growing calls for revision of US troops' status SEOUL — As relations between the two Koreas change, the presence of 37,000 US troops in South Korea is being questioned. Ruling-class politicians have moved to control and contain this
Cuban women warmly welcomed BY JACKIE LYNCH MELBOURNE — Seventy people enjoyed a night of political discussion, delicious food and solidarity with the Cuban Revolution at Victorian's Trades Hall on July 22 to welcome Bertha Acosta and Nancy
Thousands march against racism — again Thousands march against racism — again HOBART — In the biggest march in Tasmania for at least 25 years, 15,000 to 25,000 people participated in the "Walk for reconciliation" over the Tasman Bridge on
Networker: Why are musicians poor? Why are musicians poor? In "No Remorse", a 1983 Metallica track, the heavy metal band sang, "We are ready to kill all comers/ Like a loaded gun right at your face." Seventeen years later, the band is still
PALESTINE: Camp David signals PA leadership's capitulation RAMALLAH — The media hyperbole and fanfare surrounding the summit meeting between the leaders of Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the United States at Camp David in Washington
Write on: Letters to the editor Unemployment The never-ending chant that social security recipients should not receive "something for nothing" is astonishing. Payments to disabled and unemployed people constitute compensation for their


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