BY DENISE COMANNE& ERIC TOUSSAINT The G7's Cologne summit in June 1999 announced debt relief of up to 90% for some of the poorest countries. One year later, on occasion of the G7 plus Russia's July meeting in Okinawa, the Committee for the
Race and class in the US: Big Brother is at it again BY MALIK MIAH Bureaucracies, dictators and the ruling capitalists don't like internet technologies to be in the hands of the common people in the United States, or anywhere around the world. As
BY SEAN HEALY Put a face to the word "corruption" and who does it look like? The customs agent taking a tenner with your passport? The council official accepting a brown paper bag? The politician banking hefty "campaign contributions"? But why is
BY ALISON DELLIT Women in Cuba must continue to organise to defend and extend the gains of the revolution, Nancy Iglesias Mildenstein told a meeting at Newcastle University on July 27. Mildenstein, a leader of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC),
HONG KONG — "Our election campaign is based on a transitional program aimed at gaining the attention of the working masses of Hong Kong", Leung Kwok-hung, candidate for the April 5 Action socialist organisation, explained to Green Left Weekly on
BY KIM BULLIMORE SYDNEY — On the July 14, Isobel Coe, an elder from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, established a new embassy in Victoria Park, opposite the University of Sydney. The embassy was established to highlight how Aboriginal
Rules on refugee services criticised BY LYNDA HANSEN BRISBANE — Federal government laws and regulations restricting refugees' access to work, housing and medical services came under sustained criticism at a Refugee Action Day here on July 23.
Pilger online Hidden Agendas: The films and writings of John Pilger<http://pilger.carlton.com> Award-winning journalist and film-maker John Pilger has waged a moral war against Western governments for the past three decades. Unrelenting
MANILA — Protest rallies in Metro Manila were violently dispersed by police and marines on July 24. The rallies were called by progressive groups to denounce the state of the nation address (sona) by President Joseph Estrada at the Philippine
Police: selling Green Left is 'suspicious behaviour' BY TONY ILTIS LISMORE — A local activist was accosted by police on July 26 and subjected to a public search and questioning for selling Green Left Weekly in the street. The activist reports
RUSSIA: Gazprom Vega workers contaminated by radiation The following appeal was issued by the workers of the Vega department of Gazprom. We are workers in a department of the Russian Gazprom [natural gas] corporation. For 10 years we have been
Global Sisterhood Network dinner planned MELBOURNE — A women's dinner will be held here to raise funds for Piglas Kababaihan (Women Breaking the Chains) in the Philippines. The dinner is planned for Thursday, August 10, 7pm, at Il Gambrero, 215
HONG KONG — Trade unions have become more active in recent times in defence of wages, conditions and democratic rights, according to leaders of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. Speaking to Green Left Weekly on July 25, HKCTU organising
The magic carpet For the first time, John Winston Howard has talked publicly of retirement. We at Life of Riley Enterprises are much distressed to hear such talk. Having just designed a range of John Howard puppets it is a great shock to our
The human genome project has spent some 5% of its budget on studying the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding the availability of genetic information. It has identified many issues but come up with very few answers. The issues include: * Who
Hiroshima Day to launch new anti-nuclear coalition MELBOURNE — At the August 6 rally here to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, unions, churches, environment, peace, ethnic and community groups will unite to launch the


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