Border guards convicted By Bryan R. Thomas BONN — Two former East German border guards were pronounced guilty of manslaughter on January 20 for shooting dead Chris Gueffroy when he attempted to escape over the Berlin Wall. Gueffroy, a
Ku Klux Klan in Germany By Angela Matheson Racism is on the rise in Germany. The magazine Der Spiegel published a poll last week showing that one in three Germans believe the Jews contributed, in part, to their mass extermination by the Nazis
US gay and lesbian solidarity with Cuba By Kim Spurway "The struggle for lesbian and gay liberation must be a struggle against racism, poverty and sexism. It is a struggle for equal access to health care, education and human rights. I believe
By Karen Wald HAVANA — Thirty years after the missile crisis that led the world to the brink of nuclear war ended with a pledge by the US government that it would not invade Cuba nor encourage those who wished to do so, two separate actions
Dangerous ozone levels in Sydney SYDNEY — Two sweltering days in Sydney on January 22-23 combined with car and industrial emissions to produce pollution levels exceeding the State Pollution Control Commission's health standards. In the
By Craig Cormick Each December, as the world turns its attention to the Nobel Peace Prize, other individuals and groups are honoured with an alternative peace prize. The recipients, chosen by the London-based Right Livelihood Award jury, are
by Dan Connell ASMARA — When thousands of fighters of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front rolled into this Eritrean capital atop captured Soviet tanks on May 24, jubilant citizens poured out of their houses to greet them. The crowds were
The Hairdresser's Husband A film by Patrice Leconte Produced by Thierry De Ganay Starring Jean Rochefort and Anna Galiena Music by Michael Nyman Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti This film is for those of us who take any kind of sensual pleasure
Numerous companies have gone bankrupt since the recession began in late 1990, but none have attracted the amazing public support that has gathered around the failed Compass Airlines since it closed down on December 19. Its staff and many other
Green Ban Fusiliers em = By Denis Kevans Chorus: Up Broadway to the MBA come the green ban fusiliers, They stole the street, with their striding feet, placards high above their ears, Move over squire, in the black maria, are there any season


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