Catholic teachers march on church and state BY JOHN GAUCI SYDNEY — Three thousand primary and secondary school teachers at NSW Catholic schools struck for 24 hours and rallied here on March 29 against Catholic employment authorities' failure to
'Not old and not sick' BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — "I want to choose the people I live with" was one of the more popular placards at an April 1 rally here demanding housing rights for people with brain injuries and other neurological
Why the government fears the UN The Australian government has been rattled by criticism from United Nations human rights committees. On March 24, the UN's Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) issued a report severely
On March 20, the following letter was sent by the leaderships of the WORKER COMMUNIST PARTY OF IRAQ (WCPI) and WORKER COMMUNIST PARTY OF IRAN to Antonio Guteres, president, and Luis Ayala, secretary-general of the Socialist International. The letter
BY BRONWEN BEECHEY ADELAIDE — Arabunna elder and anti-uranium activist Kevin Buzzacott pleaded guilty to a charge of "failing to cease to loiter" arising from a December protest, in the Magistrate's Court here on March 29. Buzzacott was arrested
Seattle should happen here SYDNEY — The large protests against the World Trade Organisation in Seattle in December can and should be replicated in this country, more than 100 people at a Politics in the Pub forum on March 31 were told. A
BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — The militant Workers First team's election campaign in the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union for the positions of national and state secretaries and for one metal division organiser in Victoria is under way. The
BY ERICA HAINES ADELAIDE — TransAdelaide rail maintenance workers are the latest casualties of the South Australian Liberal government's privatisation steam train. As the April 23 deadline for the privatisation of TransAdelaide's bus services
Liberals wiped in Brisbane election BY JIM MCILROY BRISBANE — The Labor administration of mayor Jim Soorley swept to victory in the Brisbane City Council election held on March 25. Soorley gained 56% of the primary vote; Liberal candidate Gail
By Viv Miley Cyanide spills by Australian-owned overseas goldmining operations in January and March are further evidence of the fact that Australian companies are systematically abusing the environments of poorer countries, which are forced to
No paternity, no payment Three thousand paternity tests are carried out in Australia every year in laboratories which use DNA samples to ascertain biological parenthood. The samples can be from swabs taken from inside the child's mouth or even
The Central Leadership Committee of the People's Democratic Party (PRD) of Indonesia and the branches of PRD receive Green Left Weekly every week. Many PRD leaders have read GLW since early of 1990s. GLW is very important for us because it