Newcastle students to strike BY ERIN KILLION NEWCASTLE — Resistance members at high schools and the university here plan to walk out of class on Friday, April 14 to protest against mandatory sentencing. An overwhelming response from their
E-mail and workers' rights BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — Maria Gencarelli, a superannuation administrative manager with Ansett, was sacked on December 8 for distributing an Australian Services Union (ASU) newsletter using the company's e-mail
Ireland: New evidence suggests Bloody Sunday deliberate By Alec Smart LONDON — The recent release of a secret 1972 memorandum, recommending the shooting of ringleaders to deter insurrection in Derry, Northern Ireland, suggests that the British
If you thought the "new communications revolution" was going to weaken the grip of the world's media giants, then think again. It's doing the opposite. Fifty years ago, media companies were politically influential but economically peripheral. Today,
Anti-racist initiatives launched BY RANI SINGH MELBOURNE — Anti-racist activists here hope to build on an AC Nielson March 28 poll which indicated that Victorians are more likely to disagree with mandatory sentencing and reject One Nation than
Solidarity with Cuba planned BY LARA PULLIN ALBURY — Supporters of Cuba were asked to concentrate their energies on political solidarity with the socialist Caribbean nation at a national conference here on March 24-26. Eva Seoane, the
By Iggy Kim LISBON, Portugal — On March 22, a number of Europe's radical left parties met here in the shadows of the European Union Summit. Hosted by Portugal's Left Bloc, the conference aimed to exchange ideas regarding continent-wide
Madagascar! “It is indeed desirable to be well descended, but the glory belongs to [my] ancestors.” — Plutarch, AD 46120   Morals Of the Training of Children by Plutarch, the Greek essayist and biographer, reminds me
Southern Cross uni staff to take action BY NICK FREDMAN LISMORE — Southern Cross University (SCU) members of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and National Tertiary Education Industry Union (NTEU) voted unanimously at a combined mass
American Beauty Having read the review of American Beauty and the subsequent letter in the March 8 Green Left Weekly, I feel compelled to write. I completely hated American Beauty. Although I enjoy and would love to see more films critiquing the
Destruction Over the past 100 years the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (caused by land-clearing and industrial emissions) has increased by 25%. Between 1950 and 1997 the global average sea surface temperature rose from 18.86oC to
Colombia: US poised to boost intervention The United States House of Representatives passed a bill on March 30 which approves US$1.7 billion in military aid to Colombia. The package, which includes the setting up of two new Colombian military