By Patrick Bond JOHANNESBURG — South Africa's June 2 national and provincial elections confirmed expectations that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) would gain two-thirds of the vote, up from 63% in 1994, while a dozen tiny opposition
Recently, in Western Australia, a private employment agency associated with Centrelink wrote to Carewest (the organisation representing community based non-profit child-care centres) asking it to consider a proposal that work for the dole
Four years ... and then some Four years ... and then some 'Tis more than four years since I started writing these things. — It's not, is it? Yep. Four years ... and then some. — Do you mean to tell me that you've waffled on and on each
Fighting for democracy in Hong Kong HONG KONG — Hong Kong's economy is in a dire state. Wage cuts are widespread, but resistance is stalled by rotten union leadership. Hong Kong's citizens are still denied the basic right to choose their own
MOHAMMED ISSA is president of the Afghan Watan Party (AWP), which ruled Afghanistan for four years after Soviet troops withdrew in 1988. Issa was interviewed by Dr AMJAD AYUB for the Pakistan weekly Struggle. Question: What is the situation in
Premiere of Pilger's East Timor sequel By Michael Goldstein The Timor Conspiracy is dissident journalist John Pilger's documentary sequel to Death of a Nation. In the latest film, Pilger probes the policies of the governments of the United
Labor, Liberal aim to trim democracy By Allen Myers The NSW Labor government on June 2 announced plans to further restrict democracy in the state's electoral system. The measures, expected to be endorsed by the Coalition, will be put to a
By Iggy Kim Imagine yourself on the "other" side for a moment; or perhaps you've been there. You're an Iraqi with children who are starving because of the US sanctions. Or a South Korean welder thrown out of work by the IMF's de-development of your
By John Pilger The room is filled with the bodies of children killed by NATO in Surdulica in Serbia. Several are recognisable only by their sneakers. A dead infant is cradled in the arms of his father. These pictures and many others have not been
Censorship and repression in Burma Ida Rohne Burma is a country where there has been a complete lack of freedom of association and press since the 1960s. Between independence in 1948 and the coup staged by General Ne Win in 1962, Burma was ruled


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