Welfare only for the rich? Comment by Margaret Allum Right-wing commentators and politicians have greeted criticisms of Aboriginal welfare programs by the former chairperson of the Cape York Land Council, Noel Pearson, with roars of approval.
By Angela Luvera WOLLONGONG — In a move that has angered local elders, students and many other people, the Wollongong University administration has axed the bachelor of health science in indigenous health course. The bachelor of health science in
By Wendy Robertson Students in Australia and overseas have declared May 22 an international day of solidarity with the struggles for independence in East Timor and genuine democracy in Indonesia. Rallies and demonstrations are planned in 11 cities
By Tom Flanagan SYDNEY — The dust settled after the March 27 NSW state poll to reveal an upper house (Legislative Council) with 13 MPs on the cross benches. The Labor Party has 16 and the Coalition 13. Four parties are represented for the first
By Nurullah Ozbek On May 31, the trial of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan will begin in Turkey. Ocalan faces the death penalty for "treason" — that is, for leading the Kurdish people's struggle for their national rights. The
In a paper presented to the Australian Institute of Family Studies conference in late 1998, Kate Rodgers from the parenting branch of the Department of Family and Community Services and her co-director Karen Wilson presented their views on how
A day in the life on Georgia's death row #2 By Brandon Astor Jones Georgia prison administrators routinely torture prisoners with water. Situated near the exercise yard's door — which is open more often than not — the shower is reduced to
By Ana Kailis PERTH — The WA Liberal government's decision to establish a non-union private port at Naval Base, south of Fremantle, has fuelled speculation that the unionised Fremantle port may be wound back. The private tender was issued to four
Union leader arrested in Nigeria In the early hours of April 25, Lagos National Union of Journalists leader Lanre Arogundade was taken from his house by plain-clothes police. He is being held at police headquarters in the Oyo state capital, Ibadan.
As expected "This is still beyond what you could expect, given the expected performance of these systems." — A US military official, quoted in the Los Angeles Times, on "smart" bombs being less, or maybe more, accurate than expected. No
By Jim Green The federal budget has angered environmentalists. Funding for environment programs and groups has been reduced, some funding has been tied to the sale of Telstra and funding for environment groups will be conditional on their
By Chris Latham Since West Papua was transferred from Dutch to Indonesian control in 1963, the region has been subject to continuous human rights violations by the Indonesian regime and its armed forces. In 1969, the Indonesian regime organised a
Solidarity with East Timorese and Indonesian people grows Campaigning in solidarity with the East Timorese struggle for independence and the Indonesian people's struggle for democracy heated up around Australia last week, building up to the
Protesters blockade Timbarra road TENTERFIELD — More than 100 protesters opposed to Ross Mining's Timbarra goldmine have set up three blockades on the access road between Tenterfield and the mine site. The blockade is a combined effort by
More than 100,000 Scots vote socialist Across Scotland, more than 100,000 people voted for the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) and Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party (SLP) in the party list vote, and a further 25,000 voted for expelled Labour
By Lisa Macdonald At a day-long congress on May 13, the German Greens voted to support NATO's bombing of Serbia and Kosova. Delegates voted 444-318 for a motion backed by Green foreign minister Joschka Fischer and the party's national executive.


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