The decision to allow the Beverley uranium mine in South Australia to go ahead is only the latest attack on the environment and the rights of indigenous people by Howard and his pro-big business gang in government. Situated in a sensitive arid
A view from death row US political prisoner MUMIA ABU-JAMAL was interviewed in January by JACK HEYMAN for the US International Longshore and Warehouse Union's journal, the Dispatcher. It has been abridged here. Abu-Jamal, a radical African-American
Memories "I was sitting very close to Mr Whitlam, and when I see Mr Whitlam, I remember General Peron from my country." — Hugo Bonasso, a migrant from Argentina, at the ALP policy launch for the NSW election. We won "On any marking of the
Coping with the water crisis Sydney on TapBy John ArcherPure Water Press, 199896pp, $9.95 (paperback) Review by Dot Tumney John Archer's latest water quality opus provides a description of the events surrounding Sydney's 1998 water crisis. The
Leadership challenge for South Coast Labour Council Comment by Andrew Hall WOLLONGONG — A challenge for the leadership of the South Coast Labour Council (SCLC) has raised questions and encouraged debate among unionists and left activists about
NSW elections: who are you really voting for? By Peter Boyle SYDNEY — So you've decided to vote against the Liberal-Labor establishment in the March 27 NSW elections and you want to support green and left parties. With a Legislative Council
Challenges face new workers' party in Zimbabwe By Patrick Bond HARARE — The March 1 announcement by Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) secretary-general Morgan Tsvangirai that his federation's executive has mandated the creation of a
Greek Australians: beyond the stereotypes In Their Own ImageBy Effy Alexakis and Leonard JaniszewskiHale & Iremonger, 1998.240pp. $49.95 (hb) Review by James Vassilopoulos The most enduring stereotypes of Greek Australians are that they are
Letters to the editor Bogus environment parties We, the undersigned environment groups, are writing to warn voters concerned about environment protection who may be thinking of voting for new small political parties with nice environmental names
Indonesia plays delaying game with East Timor By Jon Land United Nations-sponsored talks between Indonesia and Portugal on the future of East Timor, which took place March 9-11, resulted in Indonesia agreeing to allow some form of direct ballot
Feminist Cabaret Resist By Karen Fletcher BRISBANE The Resistance Centre hosted the second in its monthly series of political cabarets, Cabaret Resist, on March 19 — a special all-women line-up in honour of International Women's Day. "This
Early Williamson packs a punch The RemovalistsBy David Williamson New Theatre, NewtownFriday-Sunday until 1 May Review by Helen Jarvis Written nearly 30 years ago, and becoming David Williamson's first major success in Australia before going
By Natalie Zirngast and Larisa Freiverts The latest assault on feminism comes from a woman who is herself billed as a "feminist". Wendy Shalit, interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald on March 5, has written a book titled A Return to Modesty:
Residents resist McDonald's By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — Residents in the Moreland area are fighting attempts by fast food giant McDonald's to build an outlet on the site of a 110-year old house. The house, at 1 Sussex St, Coburg, is the
Correction The letter attributed to Mary Merkenich on Makhno printed in the last issue of GLW was actually written by Chris Slee. GLW apologies for the error.
Correction The article "Why Howard wants zero tolerance policing" in the last issue of Green Left Weekly referred to the Northern Territory government running zero tolerance policing trials in 1988. The trials were run in 1998.


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