Feminist Cabaret Resist By Karen Fletcher BRISBANE The Resistance Centre hosted the second in its monthly series of political cabarets, Cabaret Resist, on March 19 — a special all-women line-up in honour of International Women's Day. "This
Letters to the editor Bogus environment parties We, the undersigned environment groups, are writing to warn voters concerned about environment protection who may be thinking of voting for new small political parties with nice environmental names
Intellectual Impostures: Postmodern philosophers' abuse of scienceBy Alan Sokal and Jean BricmontProfile Books, 1998274pp., price? Review by Neville Spencer The complexity and difficulty of most writing by postmodernist theorists is widely
Zero tolerance or zero survival? By Norm Dixon The New York Police Department is issuing hollow-point ammunition — dum-dum bullets — to its cops. This is being done despite protests from citizens' groups and despite the fact that the use of
Jeeves I was sitting up in bed sucking down the early morning cup of tea and reading over my night's work when there was a tap at the door and Jeeves appeared. "A Mr Kim Beazley, sir, on the telephone." "Oh, dash it, Jeeves", I said, "doesn't
Correction The letter attributed to Mary Merkenich on Makhno printed in the last issue of GLW was actually written by Chris Slee. GLW apologies for the error.
By Natalie Zirngast and Larisa Freiverts The latest assault on feminism comes from a woman who is herself billed as a "feminist". Wendy Shalit, interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald on March 5, has written a book titled A Return to Modesty:
Upsurge in Iranian Kurdistan By Norm Dixon News filtering out of Iranian-occupied Kurdistan (north-west Iran) indicates there has been a significant upsurge in the Kurdish people's struggle for national self-determination since the seizure of
Environment rally in Lismore By Nick Fredman LISMORE — Despite heavy rain, more than 200 people attended a "Vote with your feet for the environment" rally here on March 20. It focused on opposition to the destruction of native forests, the
Students across New Zealand are organising against government attempts to introduce "voluntary student membership" of student organisations. A VSM law passed last year requires all student associations to run referendums on "compulsory" membership by
Ireland: RUC suspected in lawyer's murder By Dave Riley A well-known human rights lawyer who had received death threats for her work representing nationalists in one of Northern Ireland's most volatile communities was killed on March 15 when a
Rights wins Salvadoran election On March 10, the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal officially certified Francisco Flores, of the right-wing Republican Nationalist Alliance (ARENA), as the winner of the March 7 presidential elections. Flores won