How progressive is multiculturalism? Does multiculturalism defend migrant rights? By Iggy Kim In spite of a quarter century of multiculturalism as ideology and official policy, the conditions of life for most non-English-speaking immigrants
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — For the head of administration in the Bykovsky region of Volgograd province on January 28, there could be no doubt that local teachers were angry at having been denied their pay since August. The teachers barricaded him
MUA ex-official attacks 'character assassination' By Dick Nichols BRISBANE — Jeff Langdon, former organiser with the Maritime Union of Australia's (MUA) south Queensland branch and well known for his work during the Patrick dispute, has
New patents for terminator seeds The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) has announced that it has uncovered 36 new patents describing a wide range of techniques that can be used for genetic sterilisation of plants and seeds. The
By Norm Dixon Nigerian newspapers reported on February 1 that as many as 19 young people opposed to the operations of western oil companies in the Niger River delta, in Nigeria's south, were killed by federal troops in the preceding days. Troops
Newcastle dockworkers strike For the first time in many years, workers employed by Forgacs at the Hexham Engineering Works and at the Carrington Dry Dock have made common cause around negotiations for a new agreement. In the past, the workers,
By Danny Fairfax and Ryan Liddell Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and you're feeling terrible. You have a headache and a sore throat. You ask your mother if you can stay home from school and, on feeling your temperature, she agrees. You
The Global Trap: Globalization and the assault on prosperity and democracyBy Hans-Peter Martin and Harald SchumannZed Press, 1997 (reprinted 1998)269 pp., $24.95 (pb) Review by Eva Cheng One of the biggest issues confronting working people today is
By Steve Ryan SYDNEY — Despite decades of attempts to convince governments of the public's will to save our remaining forests and wilderness areas, and the need to preserve biodiversity, the dollar has won the debate. Woodchips are evidently more
DEDE OETOMO is coordinator of Gaya Nusantara, a national gay rights group in Indonesia. He is currently visiting Australia and will address the Indonesian Solidarity Dinner at the Resistance Centre in Sydney on February 19 (details below). Last
The Olympic greenwash By Jim Green SYDNEY — Greenpeace's recent campaign against the use of ozone-depleting chemicals at Homebush Bay, the site of the Sydney Olympics, highlights what a sham the "green games" label is. The latest row concerns
Help needed to overcome arson attack By Iggy Kim PERTH — In October, the home of well-known Aboriginal activist Clarrie Isaacs was severely burnt in a suspected arson attack. The fire melted light fittings and electrical wiring throughout the
By Wendy Robertson At its last meeting, the National Union of Students (NUS) national executive decided it would not call a nationally coordinated day of action against the proposed introduction of voluntary student unionism (VSU) until May 6,
By James Balowski Scores of people in the northern province of Aceh have been killed and wounded in what appears to be an unprovoked attack by the Indonesian military on a peaceful crowd. According to a preliminary report by the chair of the
By Graham Matthews BRISBANE — Three of the 10 One Nation MPs in the Queensland parliament resigned on February 5, citing undemocratic control of the party by founder Pauline Hanson and party directors David Ettridge and David Oldfield. Two other
... and ain't I a woman?: Sex work and the law On November 10, Lisa Jane Brown, a young Perth sex worker, went missing. Three months later, an extensive search was eventually launched but has turned up few clues. WA police and the West


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