New abortion laws for WA By Sarah Stephen PERTH — Western Australia now has the most liberal abortion laws in Australia. In the early hours of May 21, the Legislative Council voted 24 to 9 to pass the amended Davenport Bill. Substantial
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By Dave Riley With the May 22 referenda behind them, the people of Ireland are sure to be asking themselves: what happens now? The Good Friday agreement, which formed the basis of the poll, could claim to fulfil its charter only if all the
Reconciliation evening WOLLONGONG More than 350 people attended an evening of reconciliation, Mabo and Wik here on May 20. Chaired by rock star Peter Garrett, the meeting was addressed by Aboriginal activists Barbara Nicholson and Linda Burney;
Peace deal splits Bougainville independence movement By Norm Dixon A "permanent and irrevocable cease-fire" between the Bougainville Interim Government/Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BIG/BRA), the Bougainville Transitional Government and its
By Roberto Jorquera PERTH — On May 20, nurses in Western Australia began a 48-hour strike. This is the first time that WA nurses have taken this type of industrial action. The nurses are campaigning for increased funding for hospitals and a 13%
The first (kidney) stone By Brandon Astor Jones A Missouri law-maker has proposed that death row prisoners be allowed to bargain their vital organs in exchange for life in prison, i.e. life in prison without parole. The interview that follows
Worldwide solidarity with Indonesian pro-democracy movement By Jon Land Demonstrations in solidarity with Indonesia's pro-democracy activists were held around the world last week. Many took place on May 20 to coincide with the mass
Sliding over the borders of style Jazz Latino-Americano Tigramuna Available from Tigramuna e-mail <tigramuna@hinet.net.au>—Ph (02) 4868 2020 or fax (02) 4868 2053   Review by Barry Healy Take a musician out of
Workers First sweeps AMWU elections By Chris Spindler MELBOURNE — The Workers First team in the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union elections won positions in Victoria won by significant margins. Frank Fairley was elected state secretary;
Unloved Dear Diary, I have been so down to it since Wednesday. Can't sleep. Can't eat. Don't know what to do with myself ... It's getting so that each day is just so darn hard to get through. Dear diary, must it come to this? Must your dear
Women against woodchipping By Kathy Pinkus HOBART — On May 19, 150 women rallied on Parliament House lawns in an action organised by the Wilderness Society and called "Women against woodchipping". Speakers attacked the regional forestry