Joke of the week Modern management practice has just added new insight to an age-old question: When we have a half glass of water, is it half empty or half full? Down the ages it was answered thus: half empty if you were a pessimist; half full if
International briefs Soyinka calls for 'complete embargo' against Nigeria Nigerian writer and Nobel prize winner Wole Soyinka has called on governments and peoples of the world to impose a "complete embargo" against General Sani Abacha's military
By Max Lane Over the last two weeks, the Indonesian New Order regime has been forced into emergency measures to try to stop the momentum of the massive street demonstrations initiated by the student movement. First came the panic statement by a
70,000 demand cancellation of Third World debt Around 70,000 people gathered on May 16 in Birmingham, where the Group of Eight countries met, to press for the cancellation of the debts owed by the poor nations and which they have little hope of
Apartheid Did Not Die: a Special Report by John PilgerABC-TVTuesday, June 2, 8.30pm. Preview by Norm Dixon John Pilger's documentaries have the uncanny ability to provoke howls of outrage and indignation from the defenders of the status quo because
By Eva Cheng In March, on the heels of new falls in the Indonesian currency and eight months after the Asian economic crisis first exploded, the International Monetary Fund started pressing for "a new financial architecture" for the world economy
Angry ANU students storm dean's office By Will Williams CANBERRA — After a successful strike and rally on May 20, 250 Australian National University students occupied the dean of arts' office. Students questioned the dean about the absurdity
On May 7, Australian solidarity activist AKIKO TSURU visited DITA SARI in Tangerang Women's Prison, one hour's drive from Jakarta. Dita, who is president of the Indonesian Centre of Labour Struggle and a leader of the banned People's Democratic
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New abortion laws for WA By Sarah Stephen PERTH — Western Australia now has the most liberal abortion laws in Australia. In the early hours of May 21, the Legislative Council voted 24 to 9 to pass the amended Davenport Bill. Substantial
By Dave Riley With the May 22 referenda behind them, the people of Ireland are sure to be asking themselves: what happens now? The Good Friday agreement, which formed the basis of the poll, could claim to fulfil its charter only if all the
Reconciliation evening WOLLONGONG More than 350 people attended an evening of reconciliation, Mabo and Wik here on May 20. Chaired by rock star Peter Garrett, the meeting was addressed by Aboriginal activists Barbara Nicholson and Linda Burney;