By Marina Cameron In the work of privatising education, the seemingly neutral government proposal that teaching and student results be tested is dangerous cover for gathering evidence to argue that private education "works better", that public
By Norm Dixon Pauline Hanson's neo-Nazi fan club is not restricted to North America. The notorious bovver boys of the pro-Hitler National Front — now known as the British National Party (BNP) — who have terrorised Britain's African-Caribbean
International youth camp By Nikki Ulasowski and Paul Howes BRIODE, FRANCE — "A Breach In Fortress Europe" was the theme of the 14th annual youth camp hosted by JCR-Red, the French youth section of the Fourth International. Around 500
By Becky Ellis The NSW Teachers' Federation lifted its ban on skills tests after its executive voted on August 1 to accept an agreement with the Department of Education. The skills tests, taken each year by 120,000 students in years three and
Raymond Chandler: A BiographyBy Tom HineyChatto & Windus, 1997. 310 pp., $39.95 (hb) Review by Phil Shannon The New York Times called him "a hater of the human race". Respectable book reviewers wrote him off as a lowbrow writer of pulp
Editorial: Media racism Media racism @box text intro = "Korean gangs blamed for new city crime war" was the banner headline on the Sydney Morning Herald on July 28. What better way to spur newspaper sales on a slow news day than to publish
By Norm Dixon The Melanesian Solidarity members of the PNG parliament, led by Melsol general secretary Peti Lafanama and newly elected Western Highlands regional MP Father Robert Lak, have defended themselves against charges of betrayal for
Public servants strike in South Africa By Norm Dixon More than 370,000 public sector workers went on strike in South Africa on July 25 in support of their demand for a 9% wage increase. Tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, public
By Michael Bramwell PERTH — According to an Equal Opportunity Tribunal (EOT) decision on July 25, the eviction of the Aboriginal Martin family by WA state housing agency "Homeswest" was not a case of racial victimisation. A look at the facts
James Vassilopoulos The struggle by the Liverpool dockers — now in its second year — is gaining momentum. A 24-hour international solidarity strike has been set, and last month the dockers stopped an attempt by the Transport and General


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