By Malik Miah

SAN FRANCISCO — "We found Nike to be in the forefront of a global economy", said Andrew Young, former civil rights leader, mayor of Atlanta and US United Nations ambassador, in his "independent" report on Nike's global sportswear

School cleaners strike for jobs

By Tony Iltis

HOBART — Most of Tasmania's 300 government schools were closed for a week after cleaning and maintenance staff went on strike on July 7. The dispute started when the government announced that

Editorial: A dishonest response

A dishonest response

@box text intro = Prime Minister John Howard, speaking on Thursday Island on July 9, responded to criticism of his government's record on race issues by thumping the nationalist tub. "...

By June McKay

CANBERRA — Simon Jarman, the secretary of the ACT branch of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), announced his resignation on July 1. Jarman had been elected in November 1996, narrowly defeating the incumbent, Cath

Richmond protest against One Nation

By Natasha Simons

RICHMOND — Some 60 people gathered outside the Richmond RSL on July 2 to protest against a meeting of Pauline Hanson supporters looking to set up a branch of One Nation in the

NUS National Education Conference

By Ray Fulcher

BRISBANE — More than 100 people attended the NUS National Education Conference here July 5-6. The conference was organised around seminars featuring talks on aspects of the attack on higher

Rally for a woman's right to choose

By Ruth Ratcliffe

BRISBANE — A rally here on July 8 protested against the de-funding of Children by Choice, a counselling and referral service, and Queensland health minister Mike Horan's threats to

Tomorrow ... defended

"Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it." — Bertholt Brecht.

Did Phil Shannon [book review, GLW, June 4] forget? Tomorrow ... was not a history of the Communist Party of

Australia First

Elected ALP MHR for Kalgoorlie in 1980, Graeme Campbell steadily moved to the extreme right. He was an outspoken champion of the mining industry, in 1988 crossing the floor over Labor's gold tax. He loudly opposed the

By Susan Laszlo and Bernadette Mullholland

The federal government's 1996 and 1997 budget cuts to community child-care make clear its intention to dismantle the not-for-profit sector, now in its 25th year. The attack is accompanied by the lie


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