The Washington ClubByPeter CorrisSydney: Bantam, 1997. 254 pp., $12.95 (pb)The Fourth EstateBy Jeffrey Archer London: Harper Collins, 1996. 551 pp., $14.95 (pb) Review by Tony Smith Supposedly, power causes conflict, and conflict produces the
Ratbags in the ranks: Hanson, the Coalition and the far right The rise of the virulently racist and xenophobic Pauline Hanson has provided Australia's small and divided — sometimes warring — far-right organisations the opportunity to
Lessons from the Katies caseLessons from the Katies case On July 8, the Industrial Relations Court ruled that Katies Fashions acted unlawfully in March 1995 when it made "sexist assumptions" and sacked 25 migrant women workers at its
Strike defends union rights By Jonathan Strauss SYDNEY — Workers at O'Briens Metal Products in Caringbah struck on July 3 in defence of their right to organise after the union delegate, co-delegate and one other union militant were
Celebrating Diversity launched ADELAIDE — The Celebrating Diversity Coalition's first annual general meeting on July 7 was attended by 60 people. The meeting elected office bearers and a committee to oversee its functioning between
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — This is "a great day for Australia in terms of civil rights", visiting US former Black Panther Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin told a media conference here on July 11, after his release from jail. Earlier that day, the
The Democratic Republic of Congo's new health minister is JEAN BAPTISTE SONDJI, a leader of the Front Patriotique (Patriotic Front, PF), the main radical left party in the Kinshasa-based opposition. Unlike the rest of the Kinshasa opposition, the PF
Street social securityStreet social security By Brandon Astor Jones "Government[s] can find money for anything they choose — buckets of money being thrown at the Olympics, $41 million plucked out of the sky to do landscaping around
Global Warning - Socialism and the EnvironmentBy Martin Cock and Bill HopwoodLondon: Militant Publications, 1996. £6.95 Review by Shane Bentley A welcome exception to the dearth of environmental analysis from the European left is Global
Racist Attacks on Aboriginal building NEWCASTLE — The new Mindaribba Local Lands Council building in Metford has been the target of racist attacks in the past six weeks. In the first incident, which occurred around the time of Pauline


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