Hate mail The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group may be able to help the police track down neo-Nazi groups operating in Tasmania. Group spokesperson Rodney Croome said on January 28 that high profile gay and lesbian advocates have been
JILL HICKSON visited Indonesia in December to make a documentary video. Here she describes her discussions with women factory workers. I met with women workers from Tangerang and other outlying industrial areas around Jakarta. They talked about some
Radically Speaking: Feminism ReclaimedEdited by Diane Bell and Renate KleinSpinifex Press, 1966. 624 pp., $34.95 (pb) Review by Pat Brewer This book is a defensive project, criticism driven, by a strand of feminism which feels itself under siege.
Only one solution The federal government's mid-year budget review, released on January 28, will certainly be used to justify another savage budget in May. The review projects a budget deficit for 1996-97 of $8.49 billion, $2.84 billion more than
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — When the bright young reformers around Russian President Boris Yeltsin quit their Communist Party membership years ago and turned to building capitalism, they were acting from deep-seated ideological conviction. We have
ADELAIDE — The Living Waters Revival Concert held here on Invasion Day, January 26, featuring indigenous and multicultural performers looks set to become an annual event. Continuing the momentum of the Kumarangk (Hindmarsh Island) public meeting
Brisbane IWD By Sarah Callinan BRISBANE — On January 30, more than 20 women attended an International Women's Day organising meeting. Widespread government attacks on women and cuts to community services have motivated women from various
News values: Ideas for an information ageBy Jack FullerUniversity of Chicago Press, 1996. 251 pp. $41 (hb)Reviewed by Dot Tumney This is probably where Mediawatch would like to spend more of its time if there wasn't so much tabloid crap requiring
BHP — A Share Prospectus There is a company called BHP drilling for oil in the Timor Sea, that's why we can't set Timor free we've all got shares in BHP. Don't talk to me about democracy human rights or humanity, 'cause we're drilling
APEC: what it is and how to fight it By Dick Nichols [This is the edited text of a talk to the Slam APEC conference in Manila in November.] APEC brings out all the greed of Australian big business. Multinational mining companies like BHP,
Aboriginal residents of the Block in Redfern have decided to fight back. They have decided to resist their eviction, which is being pushed by a racist alliance of governments, developers and one of the most corrupt police forces in the country.