Resisting the Virtual Life: The Culture and Politics of InformationEdited by James Brook and Iain A. BoalCity Lights Books, 1995. 289 pp., $15.95Reviewed by Stan Thompson Media, governments, academics and more all have heralded the close of the 20th

By Jorge Andres
Australia ... a reminder of where we live may be in order. This is not the poorest, not the most ecologically run down, and certainly not the most packed bus in town. Nevertheless the driver doesn't want anybody else to get on and

By Bernie Brian
DARWIN — More than 50 students delayed a meeting of the NT University's planning board on October 24 to express their opposition to cuts to faculty funding contained in the university's draft budget. Arts will be the worst hit,

The results of the Lindsay by-election in western Sydney on October 19 mean more attacks on working people with Howard claiming a new mandate.
The strength of the Liberals' victory — a swing in the two-party preferred vote from Labor to Liberal

By James Vassilopoulos
SYDNEY — In early October, Telstra management announced, first to the media and later to staff, that the Telstra Shops and Mobile Sales and Service Centres are to be sold to an "affiliated dealership, leading to the loss of

By Sue Bolton
MELBOURNE — After eight days on strike, lift workers in Victoria forced two of the three biggest lift companies, Otis and Kono, to reimburse workers for losses as a result of the federal government's new tax on travel allowances.

By Tim E. Stewart
DARWIN — In recent elections for the Northern Territory University Student Union, the Higher Education Action Team won two of the three executive positions and two of the three council positions it contested. Resistance and HEAT

Criminal treatment
The Social Security Legislation Amendment Bill, to be considered by the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee in late October, will throw unemployed people off the dole for six weeks for a first offence and 13 weeks for

Rats in the RanksA film by Bob Connolly and Robin AndersonScreening at the Valhalla in Glebe and other cinemas in Sydney until mid-NovemberReviewed by Bruce Threlfo Many people would be surprised that the usually mundane event of a mayoral election

Looking out: Thanks
By Brandon Astor Jones
"I know Glenys will fill you in on the news from her [and] from me ... I first heard you were in Reidsville from ... who left a message on my tape machine on Thursday morning." — Diane L. Post


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