By Adam Leeman MELBOURNE — On October 24, 200 students rallied at the Preston campus of Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE to build support for the restoration of funding, cut by management, to the Student Union. In an attempt to undermine
The Woman Who Walked into DoorsBy Roddy DoyleJonathan Cape. $29.95Reviewed by Dave Riley I first read a novel by Roddy Doyle soon after the film version of The Commitments was released. Since then I've kept up with what this Irish author has to
By Eva Cheng Japan's main capitalist party, the Liberal Democratic Party, gained ground in the October 20 lower house election, increasing its seats from 211 in a 493-seat house to 239 out of 500. The gain is not big enough for a working majority,
This month is the 40th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, a crucial event in the development of the crisis of international Stalinism. PHIL HEARSE explains. At dawn on November 4, Russian tanks, which had withdrawn from Budapest after the first
Developer accused of incitement against greens By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Port Hinchinbrook developer Keith Williams has been accused of inciting anti-green violence after telling ABC radio on October 25 that conservationists "have outstayed
By Marina Cameron On October 21, federal National Party leader Tim Fischer announced the lifting of an eight-year "ban" on Australian uranium sales to France. Greens Senator Dee Margetts responded on October 22, that, in fact, "Australia provided
Music for our Mother OceanVarious artistsSurfdog RecordsReviewed by Marcus Greville Recorded through the combined efforts of the Surfrider Foundation and Surfdog Records, Music for our Mother Ocean brings together a huge diversity of artists on this
Apartheid rulers named Hard on the heels of the acquittal of the Magnus Malan and other senior military and political officials of the apartheid regime have come further accusations of former apartheid rulers ordering violence against
Welcome to the Human RaceProduced and directed by Betty WolpertSBS TV, Wednesday, November 6, 8.30pm (8pm in SA)Previewed by Norm Dixon This documentary is a sequel to Betty Wolpert's graphic 1986 film Mama I'm Crying which so effectively revealed
By Anne O'Callaghan PERTH — You know that the system is in trouble when they start playing the race card. It's like beating up some of the passengers on the Titanic — it makes some people feel in control, while the ship keeps sinking. This is
By Wayne Hall [Below we continue a discussion about the nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Wayne Hall, in our September 18 issue, published a letter criticising an article by Pip Hinman in the August 21 issue, which reported the Indian
SociobeastFlipside PerformanceDispensary Cafe84 Enmore Road, Newtown, SydneyNovember 1-4 and 6Previewed by Nick Fredman Sociobeast examines the evolving and contradictory relationship between humanity, society and technology. In a collage of images
Russian coal miners call strike An national strike has been called for November 5 by the Russian miners' union ROSUGLEPROF. At issue is the growing wage debt owed to Russia's miners. Already massive, the debt has soared by 89% since January.
IOC creates spectre of 'terrorism' at Olympics By Stuart Russell Aboriginal leaders have reacted angrily to remarks suggesting that they intend to "hijack" the Sydney Olympic Games. After visiting last month, the chairman of the International
By Sue Brooke MELBOURNE — "Our people fought for the right to land, for the Land Rights Act. We don't want to be managers for any more destruction on our land. We will not agree to this mine and we'll take whatever action is necessary to stop
PERTH — Green Left Weekly's ANTHONY BENBOW spoke with the state secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, Bill Ethel; opposition ticket member Joe McDonald; and the Builders Labourers, Painters and Plasterers Union state


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