The stuff that dreams are made of Movie Dreams By Rosie Scott University of Queensland Press, 1995. 152pp Reviewed by Alex Bainbridge Movie Dreams is the story of Adan Loney, a young person who finds the world a
Write on Atlanta and executions Next year the Olympic Games will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, and no doubt there will be a great deal of hoop-la surrounding these games and the citizens of Georgia will be celebrating the peak
By Nikki Ulasowski and Alana Kerr Another backlash ideology being given plenty of play in the media and explicitly presented by Helen Garner in her book The First Stone concerns a supposed generation gap between feminists.
Victorian police shootings By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — A coroner's inquest into the 1988 shooting of Graeme Jensen concluded on August 11 with the release of a report which found that the police operation was incompetently
By Eva Cheng The Chinese government's latest nuclear test, on August 16, has triggered a wave of protests across the country. The latest test took place at Lop Nor in China's north west province of Xinjiang, the same site as the May 15
By Jennifer Thompson Thousands of Kurdish prisoners of war have been on a hunger strike in prisons across Turkey. Hundreds more Kurds are on hunger strikes in cities around the world to support the prisoners — members of the Kurdistan
Peasants massacred in Brazil At least 32 people were killed in Brazil on August 9 when 200 heavily armed anti-riot troops of the militarised police violently evicted landless rural workers from farmland they were occupying in the state of
By Dave Mizon and Sue Bolton MELBOURNE — The strike by Bass Strait oil rig workers is entering its fourth week. The workers took action after Esso locked out workers coming on to the rigs on July 26 and stranded the rostered shift on the
BHP drafted law, PNG admits By Norm Dixon Australian multinational mining giant BHP — the "Big Australian"' — has been exposed as the "Big Fibber". Following a week of smart talking, equivocations, legal mumbo-jumbo and
Latin American celebration in Brisbane By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "Our victory was for everyone, not just for the El Salvadoran workers", Jorge Rodriguez, spokesperson for the Spanish-speaking workers at Steel-Line Doors, told
Indonesian protesters clash with military By James Balowski On August 14, a peaceful protest organised by a new coalition, GRAK, at the Solo National University (UNS) in Central Java, turned into a 10-minute battle with troops
By Allen Myers John Smith is of course correct that there is room for supporters of Cuba to discuss and criticise policies of the revolutionary government if that seems appropriate, within the overall context of solidarity and opposition
The Life of Kenneth Tynan By Kathleen Tynan Phoenix, 1995. 467 pp., $24.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Some people know Kenneth Tynan (who died in 1979) as the best drama critic since George Bernard Shaw. Conservative
Chemical weapons in Chechnya? Reports on the Internet on August 9 said that UN-sponsored humanitarian aid workers have discovered evidence suggesting that chemical weapons, possibly chlorine gas, were used during the Chechen conflict.
Loose cannons Appropriate "It's quite appropriate that we should be prosecuted. If these things occur, we should be prosecuted." — A spokesperson for Sydney Water, which accidentally poured more than 100,000 litres of undiluted
Action updates Indonesian anniversary protests MELBOURNE — Two hundred protesters gathered outside the Indonesian consulate on August 17 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of Indonesian independence. The


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