By Lisa Macdonald The results of a survey conducted by the NSW branch of People for Nuclear Disarmament, released last week, reveal that only 36 of the 221 federal politicians oppose nuclear weapons. All federal politicians were
The decision of the Chirac government to resume nuclear testing is now opposed by a substantial majority of French people, according to the latest opinion polls. No small part in this turnaround has been played by the French anti-nuclear movement.
Soundtrack, minus the film The Secret of Roan Inish Music by Mason Daring Distributed by Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Bernie Brian I'm not sure whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage not to have seen a
By Norm Dixon The Papua New Guinea government has foreshadowed legislation that will not only impose an inadequate settlement on tens of thousands of people demanding compensation for the massive environmental damage caused by the
Australian culture @lctext = "She [Annita Keating ] is accompanying the orchestra and doing some PR for us and Australian culture. It is a cultural ambassador sort of thing." — Sydney Symphony Orchestra publicist on what the PM's wife will be
Workers win settlement at Steel-Line Doors By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Seventeen Spanish-speaking workers at the Steel-Line Doors plant here have won a record settlement totalling a reported $120,000, after a hearing presided
By Sean Healy MELBOURNE — The La Trobe University administration has upped the stakes in long-running negotiations over funding between the administration and the La Trobe University Student Representative Council. In a letter dated
Women's rights violated in Middle East By Kim Linden Only weeks before the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, women in the Middle East are paying a heavy price for speaking out for their rights,
By Melani Iona MELBOURNE — "The first political demonstration I went in was when Japan invaded China in the early '30s. I would have been five or six years old" — Wendy Lowenstein, author, journalist, teacher, protester. The epitome of
Stay of execution for Mumia Abu-Jamal "I think it is absolutely clear that without the international support coming from all quarters — trade unionists, civil libertarians, authors, writers and students — it would not have been


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