By Kirsty Chestnutt Ahhhh, the very word conjures up an array of images — Madonna, married men who fuck men in public toilets on the weekend, luscious threesomes, daggy middle-aged former straights who sit around in support meetings.
By Margaret Gleeson ADELAIDE — In what the Advertiser hailed as a "radical blueprint for local government reform" the long-awaited report of the ministerial advisory group (MAG) on local government reform was released on July 26.
BORIS KAGARLITSKY, the internationally known writer on Russia and socialist activist, visited Australia at Easter, speaking at the Campaigning for Democratic Socialism conferences. He then visited South Africa before returning to Moscow. The
Health workers win pay rise By Kim Linden MELBOURNE — Victorian health workers have won a pay rise after two weeks of industrial action. The deal includes a 5% wage rise backdated to July 1, a further 1% to be paid from
Mt Isa enterprise deal By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Workers at the MIM Mt Isa mine voted overwhelmingly to accept a new enterprise deal on August 10, ending a nine-month dispute which involved strikes, bans and a major lockout.
Garner lashes back By Kath Gelber @column = It is the best thing that ever happened to her career. Plucked from relative intellectual obscurity, Helen Garner has become a darling of establishment circles. Invited to speak on
The following messages from the French peace movement and the peak trade union body, the Confederation Generale du Travail (CGT), were given to Australian participants at the commemorations to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Democrats and the New Right @letter = Pip Hinman's article on the sorry state of the Australian Democrats (GLW #197) was indeed accurate. Last week, before seeing the issue of Green Left, I severed my association with the Party. This
A personal account by Nunu Santos The famous November 12, 1991, demonstration at the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili informed the whole world that the young people of East Timor are committed to winning independence. The massacre that day also
By Norm Dixon Labor leaders are falling over themselves to reassure the rulers of France that, while they may not like their nuclear tests, their right to control the territories of Tahiti, Kanaky and Wallis and Futuna is not being
Harbury sues CIA US lawyer Jennifer Harbury filed suit on July 31 against the US Central Intelligence Agency for failing to respond to her repeated requests for information about her husband, guerilla leader Efrain Bamaca Velasquez,
Carr's promises not being met By Karen Fletcher In the midst of a close election campaign earlier this year, Bob Carr promised to cut hospital waiting lists in half within one year, immediately abolish toll charges on two
By Jonathan Strauss PERTH — Since the election of the Court government in WA in March 1993, workers' rights have been under constant attack. The introduction of individual work contracts, job cuts in the more highly unionised public
By Pip Hinman The complete irrationality of capitalism, the militaristic system which is based on making money from every single type of anti-human activity — including war — was dramatically highlighted for me again last week as I
By Frank Gollan SYDNEY — National leaders of the Community and Public Service Union have joined with the federal Labor government in supporting a proposal which will cut job security and conditions for federal public servants. Voting is
By Chow Wei Cheng You can hardly pick up a paper or watch the news without being bombarded with stories on the terrible state of Australia's current account deficit. The message is that we are all spending beyond our means, and therefore


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