Mining memorial unveiled

By Liam Mitchell

WOLLONGONG — A memorial to pay tribute to the courage, struggle and sacrifice by coalminers in the Illawarra region was unveiled by the NSW Premier Bob Carr on July 28, outside the

CEPU elections in WA

By Michael Bramwell

PERTH — A group of left unionists is campaigning for election in the WA electrical division of the CEPU (Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union). Vince George, Owen Wood and Ken

All That Grief: Migrant Recollections of Greek Resistance to Fascism 1941-1949

Compiled by Allan and Wendy Scarfe

Hale & Iremonger, 1994. 256 pp., $29.95 (pb)

Reviewed by Phil Shannon

The stories of 12 Greek migrants to

The Big Picture: Sugar Slaves

ABC TV, Wednesday, August 23, 9.30pm

Reviewed by Norm Dixon

The sugar industry in Australia generates around $2 billion a year, and Australia recently surpassed Cuba as the world's largest exporter

The Will to Violence: The Politics of Personal Behaviour

By Susanne Kappeler

Published in 1995 by Spinifex Press, 288 pp., $24.95 (pb)

Reviewed by Kath Gelber

The Will to Violence presents a powerful and one-sided critique

@9point = Actively Radical TV — Community television's progressive current affairs program tackles the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Friday, 10.30pm.

@9point = How to Save the Earth — The

Residents oppose freeway proposal

By Sue Bolton

MELBOURNE — According to Transurban, the company that will build and run this city's mega-freeway project, we are about to get a "sculptured northern gateway" on the expanded

The Destruction of Yugoslavia: Tracing the Break-up 1980-92

By Branka Magas

Verso, 1993. 359 pp.

Reviewed by Rob Graham

"The year 1992, scheduled to be a milestone on the road to European unity, saw Sarajevo and other

Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Issue Number 5

Reviewed by Kath Gelber

Positive assessments of prospects for Cuba are sometimes hard to find, even in progressive publications. The US embargo, combined with the

@9point = Indian Pacific — Peter Mares presents the last part of the series on modern Japan's attitude to World War II, The Japan That Can Say Sorry. Also, a special feature on the 50th anniversary of Indonesia's independence: Indian Pacific talks


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