More than 170 states that have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) are meeting to discuss whether the treaty should be renewed. The NPT came into force in 1970. Anti-nuclear groups and some of the more powerful newly industrialising
By Eddy Jokovich The war in Bosnia-Hercegovina has now passed its third year. It has been three years of a public and inept display of international conflict resolution and mediation by the "great" powers and the organisations that purport to
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The shooting death of a 16-year-old youth during a confrontation at a suburban Rochedale house on April 25 has provoked a nationwide debate on vigilante justice for home owners in the face of break-ins. The death
By Jim McIlroy So Robert McNamara, the architect of the United States war against Vietnam of the 1960s and 1970s, now considers the war a "mistake", and an "unwinnable war." I doubt it. The real problem was that the US and its allies such as
May Day on South Coast By Liam Mitchell WOLLONGONG — Workers, students and community activists are expected to rally on May 6 for the annual May Day March in support of justice for all peoples. Leading the march will be picketers
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Workers at Mount Isa Mines struck for 24 hours on April 24 in a continuing bid to win pay and other demands, and prepared to cut power to the giant MIM mine. The Mt Isa combined union disputes committee has
With the advent of e-mail and the Internet, the art of letter-writing may be disappearing. Still, for many of us letters have the capacity to provoke memories more intensely than any other form of human communication. Sean McLeod, Michael Collins and
Nomination I'd like to nominate the Honorable Gareth Evans for the inaugural award of the Crichton-Browne statuette to the Australian politician for outstanding achievements in disservices to humanity. The award already affectionately known as
Timorese meet UN secretary-general By Chris Slee MELBOURNE — Some 100 East Timorese and members of the Australia-East Timor Association rallied outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel on April 27. Inside, United Nations Secretary-General Boutros
By Sarah Stephen People will remember Keating's infamous "Get a job" remark to a group of demonstrators taking part in the March 23 national day of action against fees. From Keating's attitude, and the fairly minimal media coverage, you could be
Melbourne rally for East Timor By Jo Brown MELBOURNE — About 500 East Timor supporters picketed the opening of the "Great Expectations: The United Nations at 50 Years" Conference at Melbourne University on Thursday, April 27. The
Green elected in NSW By Dave Wright SYDNEY — Ian Cohen from the Greens has won a seat in the state's upper house. Other minor party candidates elected include the right-wing Shooters Party and Call to Australia, as well as a Democrat
Aboriginal voices SYDNEY — A new book, Voices of Aboriginal Australia: Past Present Future, will be launched on Tuesday, May 9, 6:30pm, at the Glebe Town Hall, 160 St John's Rd, Glebe. The date is the fourth anniversary of the final report of
By Deryagul Beran We have received word from Kurdistan that for some time a women's army has been in existence among the guerillas there. We spoke to a representative of the Free Women's Movement of Kurdistan (TAJK), who has herself taken part
By Tony Hastings MELBOURNE — "Stop woodchipping old-growth forests" was the chant as 40 people from Friends of the Earth, the Wilderness Society and the Cross Campus Environment Network marched through the city on April 21. The action was
By Josh Heuchan Education was made "free" in the 1970s because an increase in participation rates was critical to the continued expansion of capitalism. There was considerable structural change in the economy, with a transfer from more


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