Lesbian Sex By the ACON Women's Team 1994 (Women and AIDS Project & Glidup) Reviewed by Kath Gelber "This booklet is for anyone who identifies as a woman and who has sex with other women", proclaims the first line in this informative
In the light of the recent talks in Ireland, the British Labour Party have put forward a proposal to devolve more powers to Scotland. SARAH STEPHEN was recently in Scotland and spoke to SHONA ROBINSON from the Scottish Nationalist Party. What is
By a US death row prisoner How do people end up on death row? Many would answer this question a million ways. Problems with family, the way you are raised, being poor, drugs etc. There is pressure upon the president. The way they run this
DITA SARI, general secretary of the Indonesian Centre for Working-Class Struggle (PPBI), came to Australia on the invitation of the Perth International Women's Day Collective and spoke at the IWD rally on March 11, where she highlighted the plight of
Studs Terkel's Chicago SBS, Thursday, April 20, 8.30pm Reviewed by Norm Dixon Studs Terkel is one of the United States' most celebrated radical writers. In his long life he has been a gangster (at least in radio soap operas), a DJ, a
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Millions of workers throughout Russia are expected to join in job-site protests and street demonstrations on April 12, as the country's main labour federation mounts a day of action "against the worsening of the
By Dave Riley BRISBANE — A major factional spill during last year's state ALP conference dismembered the party's left wing. Two key left unions — the Miscellaneous Workers' Union and the metalworkers — allied themselves with factions of
By Maire Leadbeater AUCKLAND — The first structure to go up on the site of the occupied "Moutoa Gardens", now renamed Pakaitore Marae, was the traditional entrance gate. Tribal leaders assured the puzzled people of Whanganui, an attractive
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbaev has always stood out among political leaders in the former Soviet Union for his skill at manoeuvring in quickly changing situations. As a Communist Party official of Kazakh
By Malik Miah The United States is the first country on the planet to completely overcome centuries of racial oppression of African Americans and other people of colour. We can now proudly say, "We are a non-racial, colour-blind society".


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