By Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — "It was my job to paint 'Forgacs Floating Dock' over the old name", said Bruce Ryan. Ryan was one of a number of painters and dockers on day seven of the picket line outside the Muloobinba at Carrington, an
By Norm Dixon The claim that Iraq was developing a nuclear weapons capability and ballistic missile technology was one of the major justifications for the US-led war in the Gulf. Yet it has been revealed that the US government turned a blind eye
Write on Peace movement I was disappointed in Frank Noakes'response (GL14) to my article, "Australian Peace Movement — Moral Queasiness" (GL #9). Frank's translation of my call for unequivocal support for Iraq in the context of the war into
By Maurice Sibelle and Karen Fletcher BRISBANE — At a meeting of the Queensland Green Network on June 16, members of the Rainbow Alliance, supported by members of the Australian Democrats and the New Left Party, split the green political
Soorley backs off Rochedale dump ban By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Lord Mayor Jim Soorley has refused to carry through a Labor Party pledge to stop the controversial Rochedale waste dump, made during the campaign for the Brisbane City Council
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The dominant Socialist Left faction in the Victorian Labor Party seems irrevocably split in the wake of the June 15-16 state ALP conference. Two days before the conference, an SL general meeting expelled five people
By Peter Annear The unexpected collapse of Communist regimes across Eastern Europe in 1989 is a continuing subject of analysis and debate among politicians of all hues. From Prague, PETER ANNEAR reports in the first of a series. In the early
By Jolyon Jenkins Professor Steven Rose, a biologist who experiments on chicks, accuses the animal rights movement of "cant", "absolutism" and "sanctimonious hypocrisy". I don't speak for the animal rights movement, but I find Rose's arguments
By Lara Pullin CANBERRA — The trial of anti-apartheid activist Kerry Browning has now entered its third week. Browning was originally charged with fire-bombing three cars belonging to US and South African embassies in 1988. After nearly three
By Robert Graham Since 1983, not much has been heard from Grenada. However, the tremendous upheaval caused by the United States invasion is still felt. Shortly after the invasion, 17 people, including officers of the People's Revolutionary Army
ALP national conference Rather than the slick media event we've become used to in the past decade, this year's ALP national conference is shaping up as a three-ring circus. While the big business media push their campaign for Paul Keating to lead
The heritage of Stonewall By Michael Schembri The night of June 27, 1969, could have been just like any other in a gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York City. Except that it wasn't. Judy Garland had just died. Soon after the news spread, the