The recent outbreak of a cholera epidemic in Peru made world news because that disease had been unknown there for 100 years. Left-wing Senator Hugo Blanco blames the economic policies of President Alberto Fujimori. "Cholera is an epidemic from the
By Jean Batou Contrary to common belief, there are today more men in the world than women. But this is not due to natural causes. While 105-106 boys are born for every 100 girls, this is more than compensated for by the higher death rate among men
Loose cannons Tar "Listen, when you cough up a big guba here, you're coughing up tar. When you've got big chunks of that, you don't have to worry too much." — A US colonel and medical administrator explaining that the pollution from Kuwait's
The rights or otherwise of animals are debated here between STEVEN ROSE and JOLYON JENKINS. Both articles appeared originally in New Statesman & Society.
By Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — "It was my job to paint 'Forgacs Floating Dock' over the old name", said Bruce Ryan. Ryan was one of a number of painters and dockers on day seven of the picket line outside the Muloobinba at Carrington, an
Three United States GIs who resisted the Gulf War are facing the death penalty at the hands of military courts. Of some 2500 GIs who resisted participation in operation Desert Storm, Erik Larsen, Kevin Sparrock and Corporal Tahan Jones have been
CANBERRA — Charges of offensive behaviour and hindering police against antiwar protester Sean Kenan were dismissed in the ACT Magistrates court last week. Kenan was arrested on February 24, outside the prime minister's house. A charge of assault
Soorley backs off Rochedale dump ban By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Lord Mayor Jim Soorley has refused to carry through a Labor Party pledge to stop the controversial Rochedale waste dump, made during the campaign for the Brisbane City Council
By Sally Low Not only the world's Jewish community were appalled by the pope's declaration in Poland in early June that abortion should be equated with the Nazi Holocaust. Repeated opinion polls have shown at least 60% of John Paul's compatriots,
SYDNEY — Sixty people demonstrated outside the opening of the new ABC offices in Harris Street on June 22, in an action organised by the Public Sector Union against cuts of at least 500 jobs. A harassed-looking Bob Hawke, there to open the plush
By Robert Graham Since 1983, not much has been heard from Grenada. However, the tremendous upheaval caused by the United States invasion is still felt. Shortly after the invasion, 17 people, including officers of the People's Revolutionary Army
By Ron Skinner SYDNEY — Six exiles from Somalia ended a 13-day hunger strike on June 21, after two of the men were granted temporary refugee status. About 34 other asylum-seekers from the strife-torn northern African nation are being held at
By Debra Wirth Women of Sand and Myrrh By Hanan al-Shaykh Translated by Catherine Cobham Allen & Unwin. 280pp. $14.95 Reviewed by Debra Wirth Four women, whose lives cross at different stages and places, are the narrators of this book.
Quotas What's an issue you can canvas in 30 seconds that will arouse passions and fears and not much thought? US Republican President George Bush and his advisers, with an eye on the 1992 presidential race, have found their cause: Democrat
Workers at Vista Paper Products, in the outer Sydney suburb of Emu Plains, continue to maintain their picket 17 weeks after management sacked 70 workers for refusing to work longer hours for less pay and to give up the right to negotiate through
By Marit Hegge BRISBANE — On Sunday, June 16, the Queensland Green Network met to discuss the formation of the new national Green Party. Nearly 500 notices were sent throughout the state, and about 40 persons attended the meeting, with


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