NAWAL HASSAN OSMAN, founder of the Sudanese Women's Organisation Yed El Marra (Women's Fist), is touring Australia, promoting Community Aid Abroad's Walk Against Want on March 26. Osman is a campaigner against female genital mutilation in Sudan. She
By Jackie Coleman MANAGUA — More than 30,000 supporters of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) rallied in the Plaza of the Revolution here on February 19 to mark the 61st anniversary of the assassination of Augusto C. Sandino.
By Tom Burghardt SAN FRANCISCO — Four California women's health centres were attacked in the first half of February. The latest in a series of arson attacks occurred on February 15 when a fire was started at the Planned Parenthood facility in
Not a lot has changed By Brandon Astor Jones "It is a sad day to stand here in 1994 and talk about racism this pervasive ... not in a foreign country, but right here in [America]" — Keith Carson. The late Malcolm X referred to black
Aid money for logging in PNG SYDNEY — Australia is planning to channel millions of dollars into training Papua New Guinean forestry officers instead of taking measures to halt the alarming rate of logging in that country, according to four PNG
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — During the first years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the general view was that Kazakhstan — a large Asian republic that stretches from the Volga river to China — represented one of the more fortunate
Sinn Fein conference On February 26, Sinn Fein held its annual Ard Fheis [conference] in the Mansion House, Ireland's first parliament, at which over 500 delegates voted in support of the IRA cease-fire of September 1. At this conference it was
By Sean Magill and Maureen Baker Britain's minister for occupied Ireland, Patrick Mayhew, said last week that there was no question of Sinn Fein, the only Republican party with support throughout Ireland, becoming involved in all-inclusive talks
By Eva Cheng The creative accounting of a 28-year-old whiz-kid in faraway Singapore blew open a US$1 billion hole into which the British merchant bank Barings fell, never to emerge. Observers fear that other financial "time bombs" are still
Jose Antonio Neves, East Timorese theology student and secretary of the student national resistance organisation RENETIL, was sentenced on February 15 by an Indonesian Court to four years' jail. He was arrested in the central Java city of Malang in


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