Hobart anti-woodchipping meeting By Rebecca Meckelburg HOBART — A "Stand up for the Forests" public meeting called by the Wilderness Society on February 7 attracted more than 900 people. While only 400 could squeeze into the hall, another
Women with a message Difficult Women With Linn Van Hek and Joe Dolce At Budinski's Theatre of Exile, Carlton, until February 25 Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Following successful seasons and the Edinburgh and Vancouver Arts Festivals,
Mercury spill at hospitals covered up by unions By Paul Jones BRISBANE — Reports last year in Green Left Weekly of mercury hazards to workers at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, are confirmed by a state government report submitted to the
By Jennifer Thompson You could be excused for not knowing it, but the ACTU has some policy positions that are relevant and useful in the current debate about woodchipping. Sadly, the peak union body is being unusually reticent about expressing
Movie: Indochine (1992) — The turbulent relationship between a French mother and her adopted Vietnamese daughter against the backdrop of the growing liberation struggle in the 1930s. ABC TV, Friday, February 17, 8.30pm. Actively Radical TV —

The federal government's capitulation to the timber industry on the pretext of "protecting jobs" has come under increasing criticism. One respected researcher, Dr Clive Hamilton, argues that protection of the 509 coupes would not

By Mikael Karlsson Swedish author Hans Andersson has fought against neo-Nazism for many, many years. This involves publishing books about organisations whose sole desire is to remain unknown to the public. This naturally creates certain
Calendars aid Cuban children By Joan Coxsedge Last October I launched a 1995 calendar featuring seven of my Cuban drawings as a fundraiser for the children of Cuba. I am immensely pleased to announce that, with the help of

CANBERRA – Our world is in crisis. The world's resources are mined in an unsustainable way, more and more of arable land is becoming unproductive, the climate of the earth is under threat and the distance between rich and poor is increasing inside each country and between countries.

Conspiracy Directed by Daryl Dellora Written by Daryl Dellora and Ian Wansbrough Produced by Sue Maslin Film Art Doco (1994) Screening on ABC TV, Sunday, February 19, 8.30pm Reviewed by Norm Dixon February 13 was the 17th anniversary
Jose Ramos Horta, the special representative of the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM), has condemned the Australian government over the country's increasing military ties with Indonesia's "regime of terror", and described the minister for
Speak-out calls for forests and jobs By Chris Spindler SYDNEY—A lively speak-out of some 500 people on February 9 finished with the chant, "Jobs not woodchips, stop the logging now". The speak-out, initiated by Resistance and
By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — On February 10, some 20,000 angry people gathered in the City Square to demonstrate against the Grand Prix in Albert Park. Organised by the Save Albert Park Group (SAPG), the protest heard from a range of speakers
An unprecedented development is evident in Israel. A challenge is being mounted to the founding ideology of the state, Zionism. A key factor in this challenge has been the writings of what have been called the new or revisionist Israeli historians.
By Wendy Robertson Last year, the socialist youth organisation Resistance launched an Australia-wide campaign in support of East Timor's independence. The highlight of the campaign was the October 15 National Day of Action, mobilising 1300 high
WA DSS delegates oppose redundancies By Jonathan Strauss PERTH — Community and Public Sector Union delegates in the Department of Social Security decided on February 7 to oppose redundancies proposed by DSS Area North (covering the


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