Green Left Weekly Users' Guide Dave Riley I want to explain all about Green Left Weekly so that you can get into its very vitals. Vitals are what makes a newspaper project like this healthy and regular. Anyone can bring out a
A tax by any other name The federal government's current hyperbole promoting a carbon tax is gradually being revealed as nothing but a cynical exercise in revenue raising. The Labor government is seeking to exploit the perfectly sensible
Oodgeroo Noonuccal — One of Australia's greatest poets, Noonuccal published her first book, We Are Going, in 1964. Much of her work was inspired by her search for her Aboriginal identity. She was recorded reading her poems shortly before her death
By Lisa Renfrey SYDNEY — "After four years of Coalition government, NSW is a more unjust and degraded society. The Fahey-Greiner government has consolidated the anti-people, anti-environment project begun in the 1970s and 80s by the state
Pornography and sexual violence By Kath Gelber The question of pornography and sexual violence has often been debated in Green Left Weekly. Whether pornography has a causal link with sexual violence is crucial to broader questions of
Comment by Doug Lorimer Roger Clarke (GLW #174) claims that the Democratic Socialist Party has an inconsistent approach to the ALP, ie, that we characterise it as a capitalist party, but we also recognise that in some conditions it may be
Political prisoners in Chile By Monica Chiappe After a year of investigation, the Chilean section of the International Association Against Torture (IAAT) has evidence that the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of political prisoners
Strawberry and Chocolate By Thomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio Showing in Sydney's Mardi Gras Film Festival, February 16-26 To be followed by seasons in Sydney and Melbourne Reviewed by Peter Boyle Several recent movies have
By G”sta Lyng† CANBERRA — Our world is in crisis. The world's resources are mined in an unsustainable way, more and more of arable land is becoming unproductive, the climate of the earth is under threat and the distance between rich and poor
Hobart anti-woodchipping meeting By Rebecca Meckelburg HOBART — A "Stand up for the Forests" public meeting called by the Wilderness Society on February 7 attracted more than 900 people. While only 400 could squeeze into the hall, another


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