After the defeat in the Federal Court of his bid to ban mobile phones in offshore immigration detention centres, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Peter Dutton is trying another strategy to subvert the court’s August ruling.

Mobile phones are already prohibited in onshore immigration detention centres and on Christmas Island for refugees who tried to come to Australia by boat.


It would appear the bourgeois merchants of death are preparing an ideological onslaught on the minds of the Australian masses, in the run up to the 50th anniversary of the end of WW2.

Shopping last week at Garden

By Chris Spindler

ADELAIDE— The South Australian budget, brought down on August 25, has come under increasing criticism from unions, the community health sector, welfare organisations and political groups.

As a result of the

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), long considered South Africa's most important liberation movement after the African National Congress (ANC), surprised many with its massive electoral failure in the April elections. The PAC won 1.3% of the national

Hardly a day goes by without some Labor politician calling for an end to Labor's "three mines" uranium policy. The representative body for the Top End Aboriginal communities, the Northern Land Council, has also thrown its weight behind these calls.

Asian Theatre Festival

SYDNEY — The second Sydney Asian Theatre Festival continues at the Belvoir Street Theatre until October 1. Five unusual and intriguing presentations are offered.

The Return, by Ta Duy Binh, is a poetic

By Jennifer Thompson

SYDNEY — A recent decision against the Transport Workers Union in the NSW Industrial Commission, limiting the award safety net for workers covered by enterprise agreements, has sparked a call by state secretary Steve

Looking out: Human beings

By Brandon Astor Jones

"Let us call it by the name which, for lack of any other nobility, will at least give the nobility of truth, and let us recognise it for what it essentially is: a revenge." —

Big Mac versus small fries

By Paul Tobias

The silence is deafening! Unbeknownst to 99% of Australians, the "McLibel" defamation case is now raging in a London courtroom.

Chicago-based McDonald's Corporation is suing

Science of Coercion: Communication Research and Psychological Warfare 1945-1960

By Christopher Simpson

Oxford University Press, 1994. 204 pp.

Reviewed by Brian Martin

Before reading this book, I thought that psychological


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