Worker activist arrested in Indonesia JAKARTA — On August 13, the chairperson of the Indonesian Prosperous Worker Union (SBSI), Dr Muchtar Pakpahan was arrested by 18 Medan police at his home in East Jakarta. Pakpahan is being held at the
Call to increase police powers By Brent Wish BRISBANE — The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) on August 15 recommended that the search powers of police be greatly increased giving them "covert search warrants". These warrants would give
By Dave Wright and Lyndall Barnett MELBOURNE — In most states around the country, plans are afoot to extend freeways. Building new or extending existing freeways continues the trend to sidestep thorough long-term urban planning and community
Sea World protest By Nathan Laurent BRISBANE — More than 70 people staged a demonstration outside the Gold Coast tourist attraction Sea World, on August 17. This follows the recent capture of two wild dolphins from South Stradbroke
Blues worth collecting The Blues Collection CD or cassette In fortnightly parts Orbis $8.95 Reviewed by Graham Matthews The Blues Collection is a series of CD or cassette recordings of Blues music. Produced in fortnightly parts,
By Richard Startari As Ernesto Samper takes over the Colombian presidency, Amnesty International has called on him to live up to his election promises and respect international law and human rights. Successive Colombian governments have
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — After more than five weeks, a picket placed by environmentalists on one of Russia's worst industrial polluters came to an end on August 7. Defying harassment from local authorities, the protesters outside the
Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal No 2 July-Sept 1994 Published by New Course Publications Sydney 128 pp., $6.50 Reviewed by Jim McIlroy If you want to keep a finger on the pulse of the international left and
Labor Party 1 The Democratic Socialist Party review (GLW #154) avoids a rational analysis of the Labour Party — offering a conspiracy theory in its place. The tone is set in the introduction to Max Lane's "daring to win" article: "As the ALP's
By Jon Land Demonstrations were held across Australia in support of East Timor on August 17, Indonesian Independence Day. East Timor solidarity groups chose the date to highlight the ongoing illegal occupation of East Timor by Indonesia and the
Separate tables There's this new place where you can get a meal. And every time I go there it's crowded. Then go somewhere else. But the crowd's good. There's atmosphere and I know the regulars. And if you know the right people you can
Anti-Violence Project launched SYDNEY — "In a perfect world homophobia would be dying: not gays and lesbians." This is the theme of a new campaign launched here on August 19 by the Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project (AVP) and the AIDS
Abortion an election issue By Janet Parker SYDNEY — The Women's Abortion Action Campaign (WAAC) has surveyed all candidates standing in the by-election for the state seat of Parramatta to determine their attitude to women's right to
Peter Harkins BRISBANE — A moving funeral service was held in Warwick on August 19 for Peter Harkins, a well-known activist in the campaign to stop the closure of the Biala alcohol and drug detoxification centre. Peter was also a Biala State
Fact and fantasy The Sydney Morning Herald ran a "special" last week, which claimed to be trying to explain why women found it so hard to get men. Billed the "Sydney's missing men" series, and fluffed out with headlines such as, "MP can't get a
By Tom Kelly SYDNEY — Wingham Forest Action's (WFA) many-faceted campaign to defend forests and fauna from logging in the Wingham management area, north-west of Taree in northern New South Wales, has found its way to Sydney's Land and


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