Grosby workers demand jobs

By Ray Fulcher and Rachel Evans

MANILA — A picket of workers retrenched by the Australian-owned company Grosby GTP Footwear has been encamped outside the factory in southern Manila since losing their jobs on

Film slams police harassment

By Sean Healy

PERTH — A new community-produced film, slamming the treatment of young people at the hands of Perth police, particularly through the infamous "Operation Sweep", will be launched on Friday, May

By Melanie Sjoberg

ADELAIDE — Chris White, assistant secretary of the United Trades and Labour Council, has expressed concern at the dramatically increased powers of the industrial relations minister under a bill currently before state

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — Chief Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi's surprise decision to have his Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) participate in the national and provincial elections and both the levels was announced on April 19. The Inkatha leader

Where the Boys are: Cuba, Cold War America and the Making of a New Left
By Van Gosse
Verso, 1993. 270 pp., $49.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Phil Shannon

On January 1, 1959, the Batista-Mafia alliance that ran Cuba fell under the weight of its own

Ever wondered what it takes to put out a paper like Green Left Weekly every week? First and foremost it takes people who are prepared to distribute it. Without the regular sellers from the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance, the paper wouldn't

US environmentalists oppose GATT

WASHINGTON, D.C. — US environmental groups have announced their opposition the Uruguay Round Agreement of GATT because it lacks measures to protect the environment and promotes policies that will contribute to

By Michael Karadjis

The impression that Greeks are unanimously behind the Greek government in its campaign against Macedonia has been widely fostered in Australia, by both the Greek media and the establishment media. The reality is vastly

Perth action against federal budget

By Sean Healy

PERTH — A public rally and demonstration have been planned for May 5, one day after the launch of the federal government's white paper on employment and five days before the budget.

DSS staffing dispute

Robert Johnson

BRISBANE — The ongoing dispute over jobs in Social Security looks set to escalate.

Management has unveiled plans to axe jobs in a number of offices in Queensland. Twenty-four jobs have been


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