By Emma Webb (Continuation of a debate) Diana Evans (Green Left, April 13) says that in my earlier article I put the environment at the end of what she refers to as a wish list of human needs (health care, education etc). Contrary to this, she
Plant ownership laws under review The Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) Bill 1994, which is to replace the Plant Variety Rights (PVR) Act 1987, is now open for public review. The name change signals a general shift in focus and intent, according
A Season Inside God's Bunker: The Story of the Hebron Massacre By Micha Peled SBS TV, Tuesday, May 3, 8.30pm (8 Adelaide) Reviewed by Nikolai Haddad This documentary is a chilling look at life in the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba,
ADELAIDE — The Anti-Racist Alliance, a broad organisation of community, progressive, peace and union groups and individuals, scored a small victory over racism when the fascist National Action group cancelled a rally it had scheduled for April 30.
Pray for a job "It is essentially an act of faith that the Jobs Compact will improve the job prospects of the participants." — Professor Judith Sloan, of the National Institute of Labour Studies, on the government's green paper on
Brian Day The prime minister in Vietnam Like most Australians who have had an interest in Vietnam and our Asian neighbours for many years, I watched with great concern the first visit by an Australian prime minister to that region. It
GLOW backs ANC JOHANNESBURG — The Gay and Lesbian Organisation of the Witswatersrand (GLOW), one of South Africa's two main gay and lesbian rights groups, has endorsed the African National Congress in the elections. GLOW activist Simon Nkosi
Peace in the air, but not on the ground The visit to Bougainville by an Australian parliamentary delegation, although allowed to see only what the Papua New Guinea authorities chose to show it, was an important step forward on the road to peace
Green Left Weekly's Johannesburg correspondent NORM DIXON talks with JEREMY CRONIN, South African Communist Party (SACP) central committee member, and editor of the African Communist, about South Africa's transition to democracy and the prospects for
By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — South Africa's prisoners again must embark on a campaign of mass action to win their right to vote, Golden Miles Bhudu of the South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights (SAPOHR) told Green Left Weekly.


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